Read: The Orphaned Land

Ignorance is bliss. It surely, surely is. If the public knew the truth, well, probably not much would change but I still wish people knew. Just when you think you know a little bit about your home you read a … Read More

Read: Aldo Leopold’s Southwest

If you don’t already know this name make sure you remember Aldo Leopold. Why? Because we own him for all the wilderness areas in the United States. He’s the human that got this ball rolling. Now, I know the environment … Read More

Read: Goodbye to a River

I loved this book. I had never heard of John Graves. My bad. This book was first published in 1960 but it reads like it could have been written last week. Knowing the great Brazos River was about to receive … Read More

Read: The Woman at Otowi Crossing

This is such an interesting book and Frank Waters is an absolute legend. Sometimes writers are labeled as “regional” and get snobbed out by the New York literary establishment. I have no idea how Waters ranked with that crowd, but … Read More

Read: D. H. Lawrence in New Mexico

This is a very quick read but interesting as it traces first contact between the writer and the magic of Northern New Mexico. This land has seen a constant pilgrimage of artists, photographers, writers and others who know the unique … Read More

Read: The House at Otowi Bridge

This is mandatory reading in these parts, and I believe this should be mandatory reading for all of us. This is a wonderful book covering a story that never got as much play as you would imagine it would. Peggy … Read More

Read: Everything You Love Will Burn

White Nationalism is a truly odd thing. This book does a solid job of helping people like me comprehend the nuances, the ideology and the mission of many of these groups that seem to be coming out of the woodwork … Read More

Read: H is for Hawk

This book came out a few years ago and won several literary prizes. I still managed to avoid it. And then, like a hawk, I pounced. Last week I met a gallery owner who specializes in ancient, Japanese armor. My … Read More

Read: Deep Creek

I had never heard of Pam Houston. Sam Houston, yes, I’d heard of him, but not Pam. My bad. Apparently, she is famous. I somehow missed this point. But, I’m catching up and I chose a good book to do … Read More

Read: American Meteor

Just get it and read it. I think this is a wonderful book. Came out of nowhere. Apparently, this is a stand-alone book of a three-book series. Norma Lock’s American Meteor. Manifest Destiny, the Civil War, Battle of the Little … Read More

Read: Isaac’s Storm

Man, I’m glad I don’t live in Galveston. Just kidding. I actually really like Galveston. Not only the city itself but the Gulf Coast in general. I love the food, the structure and look of the city, and I used … Read More

Read: Earthquake Storms

Talk about ironic timing. I reserved this book weeks ago, weeks before the most recent California quakes, so the timing is fortuitous, to say the least. Californians are odd creatures. They have trained themselves to look the other way when … Read More

Read: The Monk of Mokha

Is a cup of coffee worth $14? Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you that yes it is. And in some cases, it might be worth even more. Dave Eggers is quite the writer. He’s done numerous books, and … Read More

Read: Natural Born Heroes

A few years ago Christopher McDougall published a book titled “Born to Run.” Shortly thereafter I began to see people running barefoot around the streets and trails of Southern California. “What the heck,” I remember wondering. The popularity of the … Read More

Read: American War

Omar El Akkad gets it right. A slight trend toward the World War Z style story but American War builds upon this idea with its own personal flair. A fictional future, a what if? A second Civil War fueled by … Read More

Read: Atlantic

Once again, I’m late to the game. Pretty much everyone I know has read Simon Winchester, but me. Until now. This is a great book. A book about an ocean that reads like an adventure novel. A few things. Winchester … Read More