Read: Trees on Mars

Ever wonder about the future? Technology? The message we are being spoon fed? Refreshing to read a fact based counter point to the illusion of the tech-based future of perfection. Just read it.

Read: Worst Case Scenario

Yes, I’m still in Paris. Walked entire length of both the 10th and 11th last night from about 5:30 to 7PM. Searching for Helmet Newcake, a gluten free bakery that turned out to be closed. As you can see, the … Read More

Read: Paris Journal

This photo is supposed to make you drop to your knees in front of the one you love and proclaim they hold the key to your heart. Begin now…ahem. Yesterday went like this. 1-Slept till 11:30AM. (A total of ten … Read More

Read: Tortilla Flat

It’s a f%$%$#$ Steinbeck. Just read it. After a recent trip to Monterrey I thought it appropriate to revisit a long lost friend. John Steinbeck. An American treasure for those of you don’t don’t know. Author, winner of the Nobel … Read More

Read: Newport Journal

There is no way to hide the awkwardness of eating a footlong, frozen, chocolate covered banana. Man, woman or child. This beast wasn’t designed for public consumption, and yet you walk the shoreline during the summer months and there they … Read More

Read: Several Ways to Die in Mexico City

I was going to go to Mexico City, but now I’m not. I can’t say this decision is entirely based on this book by Kurt Hollander, but what this book did was remind me of my fragility. I’m already sick, … Read More

Read: Data and Goliath

This just happened. Oops. If you read this book I want you to focus on the pickle. It’s a book about big data, surveillance and freedom vs convenience, but I want you thinking like this book is one of those … Read More

Read: First Stop in the New World

I have to admit, my view of Mexico City was similar to author David Lida’s when he made his first trip. “Ah, Mexico City…crime, pollution, kidnappings, etc.” And after reading this book, yes, true to some degree, but perhaps not … Read More

Read: El Narco by Ioan Grillo

Wow. How much of this do I want to know? All of it. This is a history book punctuated by intense, first-person, real-world, detailed accounts. Within the first ten pages you begin to wonder how a book like this even … Read More

Read: Amexica by Ed Vulliamy

I remember my first trip to the border. Had to be around 1984. Nuevo Laredo with my brother. We pointed my old Landcruiser south and drove until the signs forced us to stop. “Little kids are going to try to … Read More

Read: The Last Unicorn, William deBuys

So, here’s the thing. I’m not qualified to review fiction or nonfiction literature of any genre. Photography books are one thing. I can sling critique when it comes to images, but when it comes to the word I am so … Read More