Lyme: Living with Lyme Disease

I AM NOT A DOCTOR. IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE LYME OR ANY OTHER ILLNESS CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. Okay, let’s begin. This is my story, and as I mention, the stories of Lyme I encounter are as individual as … Read More

Lyme: Update, 2019

It’s been a long while since I posted about Lyme but the disease is still a daily part of my life, something I don’t think most people understand or even want to understand. I was first infected, as far as … Read More

Lyme: Skin Deep, The Battle Over Morgellons

I haven’t posted about Lyme Disease much but not because it isn’t very much a part of my life. Sadly, it is. But, I prefer to look on the bright side. I’m doing just fine. It took four years for … Read More

Lyme: My Story

This might have been the day I got Lyme Disease. Or maybe it wasn’t. The perils of Lyme Disease are so complex, so numerous and so diverse it is difficult to even begin to consider where to start. I’ve been … Read More