Creative: San Diego Diary

Irvine. The Train. Yes, a train. We have them here, but the platform is empty. Sitting isolated in what was once open land, then farmland and now a world of manmade madness. The intercom is broken. The trains aren’t marked … Read More

Creative: Blurb’s Mobile App

My posts for this week are backed up a few days because I wanted to let you know that Blurb launched a mobile bookmaking app. I know what you might be thinking. “Milnor, you are a techno-loser, what could you … Read More

Creative: Gylly Beach, First Collection

I’m guessing that many of you know who I’m talking about when I mention Mick Buston. Long time friend of Smogranch/Shifter and getting to be long time friend in real life although I THINK we have only met once in … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 28

Yes, I just posted this on my Instagram feed. It got a few likes so I thought I’d give you the backstory. This project was one of the most enjoyable things I ever worked on. I think about Sicily all … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Story Ideas

Someone asked me about how I come up with my story ideas. It’s a good question actually, but one that might surprise you. It’s poignant for me at the moment because I need to come up with a story or … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 27

From the plane window. Some people have done entire books on this view of the world, but for me this represents the rare plane bound image that might actually work. Normally my plane pics are useless reflections. Have a look, … Read More

Creative: Documentum

The guy known for deleting his social media is posting about a publication dedicated to Instagram. But hear me out. One of my rubs with IG has always been how people consume the images. Typically it’s firehose style as opposed … Read More

Creative: Shooting Again

I’m possessed. Or perhaps I’m possessed again. The idea of getting back in the field to make photographs is rapidly heading toward reality. Even the idea of it is beginning to possess me. It won’t be the same. The time, … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Be More

Writing at Machu Picchu. I could add another point I forgot about. Learn an instrument. Anything. Kazoo. Guitar. Drums. Whatever. Music is another language and opens doors in life. S^%$, I forgot something else. Point number seven. Exercise. Might sound … Read More

Creative: Instagram….let me explain…..

I’m on Instagram. Well, I’m back on Instagram. Well, I have an account on Instagram. I mean there is a photo of me, and an account with my name, but it’s not me. Or at least I’m not the one … Read More

Creative: Kaweco Sport

Man I love this pen. Frank Jackson gave it to me. This pen actually makes me excited to write. Anything. So odd. I guess you could say the same about any great piece of equipment. It’s my favorite fountain pen. … Read More

Creative: The Isthmus, Andrew Kaufman

Ya, so how about an audio book review? Hey, funny you should ask for that. Here’s one. “The Isthmus, A New Path Between the Seas,” is an Andrew Kaufman opus in regard to Panama, the canal, the canal expansion and … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 26

Out in the wilds of the Southwest. One of my favorite places in the entire world. If you haven’t been to the Grand Canyon just know it’s a huge hole. Huge. A lot goes on there but you might not … Read More

Creative: In the Post

Yesterday was a good day in regard to the post. Gone for a few days. A quick check of the mailbox and as the door creeps open I can see the first lines of handwriting. A good sign, always. Moments … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, One Style vs Two

More photography advice on tap. This time about style. One, two or even three and the effect of trying to balance many things at one photographic time. I am totally guilty of doing this, over and over, and never learning … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 25

If you haven’t been to the Palm Springs Photo Festival I just have ONE question for you. What are you waiting for? It’s a festival. Not a trade show, or geek fest, but a real festival about real photography. Projections, … Read More