Creative: What’s the Blurb Holdup?

As you know, I’ve made a lot of books. Heck, there are some people who believe I’ve made TOO many books. But perhaps there are a few who wish I had made even more? My point is I don’t have … Read More

Creative: The Medina

“How would you like to go to a place you would never be allowed to go on your own?” he asked. “Yes, of course I would like to go,” I answered. “But I’m with three other people.” “None of us … Read More

Creative: “I am the danger.”

“I am the danger, I am the one who knocks.” Thank you Walter White. This morning, moments before my thirty-mile bike ride, I found myself posting an image to Instagram. My thought while posting was “I hope people get a … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth, Episode 006

Welcome back podcast family. Episode Six at your disposal. What do we have on tap this week? How about an update on my email newsletter that doesn’t yet exist? Photographers you should know about. Sian Davey and Scott Dalton. (I … Read More

Creative: California on Fire, Jeff Frost

What do you get when you combine five-years of intensive fire coverage, an abandoned camel barn, a custom built screen and a pulsing sound system? You get a unique, cinematic experience, and you get twenty-five minutes of “Holy Shit,” filmmaking. … Read More

Creative: Aaron Marin Griffieth Zine Collection

I love it when I meet someone as possessed about publications as I am. Meet Aaron Marin Griffieth. A package arrives. Torn open it reveals the fruits of another’s labor. Small, thin, large, thick. Tempest-like. Like feelers reaching out into … Read More

Creative: Newsletter Warning

Hey Team, Just a head’s up. Uncle Danno is about to launch his newsletter. Hundreds of people have signed up for The Shifter Wire, believe it or not, but I’ve never actually sent one. At least I don’t think I … Read More

Creative: Journal Notes

Faces of the morning commute. Betraying secrets. The drinker. The stress case. The compensating one. Occasionally, the enlightened, cutting through the masses. Like a hot knife through vegan butter. At peace with all living creatures. Gutters running with the rainbow … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 005

Back again with the best podcast you never asked for. This week; the NFL experience, the Internet as distraction, tips for getting your creative project started as well as how to study photography if your goal is to improve. You … Read More

Creative: Been a While

There hasn’t been much adventure in my life lately. Not that I haven’t been busy and doing all kinds of kinds, in all kinds of places, but there hasn’t been any focus on a cohesive project, a travel adventure or … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth 004

Hey Kids, Another episode for your listening enjoyment. Coming at you with AG23, a new co-branded Zine collaboration, a Texas trail run, the Saints disaster in the NFL, book production and an update on my Lyme Disease. Something for everyone. … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 003

Me again. Back with yet another episode but this being the first with my iPad as recording device. Always looking to downsize without losing TOO much of the quality. A lot to cover here, but a few links you will … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 002

Just what you wanted for the holiday. Another podcast. Back by insatiable public demand, episode two. I cover The Homeless Backpack Project, enlightenment, politics, immigration, my life in cameras and the odd demise of modern Apple. Yep, I’m gonna keep … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth, Episode 001

Just what you needed. Another podcast. I’m here to help. “For What It’s Worth,” is my new podcast series where I talk about all the things people have never asked me to talk about. Politics, the environment, cycling, adventure, humanity … Read More

Creative: Update, New Publishing Project

Okay, one step closer to the prize. Not sure what that prize is but that is another matter. This is the second post in a series about my new publishing project. Need to say this again, right up front and … Read More

Creative: Sony A7riii Recap

I’m going to send the camera back early. Something wrong? Nope, not at all. I did my testing, know what I need to know, and will send it back so someone else can have a crack at it. I learned … Read More

Creative: The Big Smoke

Mile High, literally. Sative, Indica, Hybrid. Down from the north the memories flood. Virginia Dale to Ft. Collins to The Big Smoke. We need the wall. Not on the border, but here. Here near what’s left of the range. A … Read More

Creative: Lack Thereof

Time is a real issue. I was explaining to someone earlier today that I feel lucky to be in the tiny percentage of human beings who have real options in life. This is due to a variety of factors. Work, … Read More