Creative: The Theatre

Hey folks, testing a new form of delivery here. Let me know what you think. Like it? Hate it? Confused? Jealous of my tech mastery? Hadn’t seen Eric in a while. The last time was Vegas on bikes. Heat, wind, … Read More

Creative: ESSAY Issue One Goes Live

Deep breath. Where to start. Essay Issue One Trade Essay Issue One Magazine Content is exactly the same for both formats. What I’ve learned. (This post was written months ago, and I’m about to begin issue five!) 1. I’m grading … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Ignore Me

Thinking about joining the artillery club. Notice the Blurb blue Chucks people. Going the extra mile for all of you. At some point you have to ignore everyone, including me, if you want to put your work into the world. … Read More

Creative: The Fuji File Two

Paris. November 2015. Terror attacks. I was there. I was a lucky one. I was never in danger, but I did have a strange coincidental walk through the city a few hours before the attacks. Shooting the day after was … Read More

Creative: Pentax K1

This is perhaps the world’s worst gear review. As many of you know, when it comes to electronics my body emits a death ray of death causing most electro gadgets to self-destruct in a deathy death ray of crackling circuit … Read More

Creative: Blandscapes, Nate Matos

I’ve featured Nate here many times before, but he keeps doing creative things so it’s not like I can stop featuring him anytime soon. I admitted I was officially jealous and angry of his prolific contributions. But I’m not nearly … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 32

Welcome to Central Texas. A place I’ve spent much time. This is from a project titled “Hunting for Food in a Store-Bought World.” Never published. Never seen really. Learned a lot. Got up before the sun. Aimed my trusty Leica. … Read More

Creative: Old Friend, Old Idea

As you know I’ve been working on a new magazine series titled “ESSAY.” I’ve posted about it before, and I’m nearing the moment when I’ll release the first two issues. In an effort to continue this publishing series, and create … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 31

Let me take you back to Sicily and tell you the backstory of how this image came about and what it inspired me to do. It involves an exotic loaner Leica, fear, three days of free time, an apartment in … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Let it Be

Doing some deep cover research. We live in a world consumed by rushing work to market, but as they say “speed kills.” Letting something be, like your photography, allows the work to marinate and allows for the work to become … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 30

More Peru…..

In the countryside. Near the edges of tourism. Using the 35mm to attempt to build depth. Waiting for the puzzle pieces to slide into place. Three or four frames total. Then it goes away forever.

Creative: ESSAY Magazine, Issue One, Update Three

My second set of test copies. Getting closer. This project has been the most entertaining photo-related endeavor in a long, long time. And I didn’t even shoot anything new! I can’t stress this enough. You COULD, and in many cases, … Read More

Creative: The Simenson Series

I’ve featured Justin here before, but I’m doing it again because his work is worthy. Here is the funny thing. Justin is a big dude. Burly you might say. His middle name is THOR for s%$#$ sake. And he drives … Read More

Creative: Photography Advice, Sponsorship

Okay, this might be more of a public service announcement than anything else. Anyone who has worked for a company that can provide photographic sponsorship knows the peril of this reality. It can get ugly out there. The volume of … Read More

Creative: Blurb Tips 0011 Change Format Tool

Blurb Bookwright is a damn good software. I know it’s not sexy to think that about a free, downloadable anything but it’s true. I have InDesign, I’m learning InDesign and I both use and love InDesign, but there is something … Read More

Creative: The Leica File 29

Peru. Magic. Religion. Faith. Cold. Rain. Focus. TRI-X. Patience. Exposure. Walking these streets for days. Hunting the puzzle pieces that will gel to form…something. A book, magazine, stack of prints or maybe not. You pray you have enough. Through the … Read More

Creative: Newport Journal

Couple of old friends in town yesterday. Some of you might recognize them. Just strolling at sunset so we could talk photography, equipment, books, equipment, photography, equipment, gear, but primarily we focused on keeping to the topic at hand. Equipment. … Read More