Just Listen: Bridge, Sydney

Yes, so much of Sydney is the bridge. Which one? Doesn’t matter. They are all worth a walk. I’m always amazed at how much something like this actually moves. Wind, traffic, the Earth settling and not so settling. I’m not … Read More

Just Listen: Chimney, Cockatoo Island

Someone had to do it. And he found it on his own. There is always one, thankfully. We need these people for f%$# sake. Cockatoo Island. A wander with likeminded folks prone to put the camera to eye and push … Read More

Just Listen: Pool, Bondi

The famous Bondi Icebergs. It lives up to the hype. If I lived here I’d been in this group, or at least I would try to be. I swim two laps after a year of inactivity and barely make it … Read More

Just Listen: Boxers, Sydney

Boxers. Trainers really. “Okay, a hundred this time.” Met with grumbles. I would be too. My arms nearly fall off just watching. I look like an alien with my dead cat and recorder. Old Polaroid and strange need to invade. … Read More

Just Listen: Eggs, Cockatoo Island

Ya, I know. You are pissed. And you are pissed at me. It’s like you came in my house and stood over my negatives. GO AWAY HUMAN. The camera makes it worse. “Gotta frame it just right, sorry little friend.”

Just Listen: Sax, Sydney

He was playing Christmas tunes but don’t let that fool you. The T-shirt is the key. Test him and you will taste “Back in Black” I’m sure of it. Hat pulled low, over the eyes, like Stevie Ray but perhaps … Read More

Print: Zoe Sadokierski

Zoë Sadokierski is a designer, illustrator and writer. She has designed more than 250 books for a range of Australian publishers and been awarded six times at the annual Australian Book Design Awards for her work. Zoë lectures in the … Read More

Print: Chloe Ferres 3×300

You won’t find a more creative Blurb user than Chloe Ferres. I met Chloe in Sydney a little less than two years ago. I was in my second, three-hour presentation of the day when suddenly this young woman two rows … Read More

Print: Andrew Kaufman’s Boxed Edition

Miami based Andrew Kaufman, also featured on the Shifter Believe and Shifter Found is also doing some cool things with his publications. What you are looking at is what he calls his “Boxed Edition.” So far there are four books … Read More

Believe: Stuart Isett

Stuart and I have a crossover of sorts when it comes to this little story. Who believed in you? Who believed in me? Aiming in the academic direction he changed course and landed in photography. His push came from a … Read More

Print: Manifesto Magazine (Sold Out)

My first magazine. Small run, limited, edited and designed by your host. This publication taught me a lot about what was possible. You have to have the work, but once you make the images the power and control of publishing … Read More

Print: On Approach x5 Release (Sold Out)

“On Approach” is my most successful book to date. Not that I spend ANY time promoting my books, but stay with me. This artifact is a rerelease of the book, five years after it was first produced. What you are … Read More

Print: On Approach x5 Release Prints (Not for Sale)

My first ink on paper experiments. All based on my “On Approach” book. Can you say “compulsion?” Like Ray Finkle in Ace Ventura Pet Detective, I just can’t seem to let these images go. India ink on Paper 8×16 spreads

Print: The Unknown Soldier (Not for Sale)

This was my very first piece of promise. I have very little recollection of making this, other than I remember starting out wanting to sketch a bicycle. Somehow I got this and realized something important had just happened. I haven’t … Read More

Print: Australia 72 (Not for Sale)

My first trip to Australia did something to my head. I found a love of spray paint and the openness and color of Western Australia. Combine this with the fact I own a half-frame camera and what you end up … Read More

Print: The CMYK Book (Not for Sale)

This book was suggested by Garry Trinh in Sydney after seeing “The RGB Book.” “You gotta do it Dan,” he said using his Garry powers of mind control. It worked. Done. Designed, purchased, glued and shelved for future pondering thought. … Read More

Print: The RGB Book (Not for Sale)

Book is based on a conversation I had with a photographer who was obsessed with color management, so much so he had entirely lost track of the idea of making an interesting book. Color isn’t difficult and it shouldn’t consume … Read More

Print: The Puzzle Book (Not for Sale)

Book was designed as “anti” precious book. Started out as a reportage book but was then painted, cut and sealed and forms a puzzle. Kids love it. “That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.” Thank you. I appreciate that. … Read More