The Leica File: Seventeen

I met Phillip Vigil a few years ago during an art opening in Santa Fe. He is a self-taught, fourth-generation artist residing in New Mexico. He always had a love of art since he realized at a young age that … Read More

Just Listen: Opera House, Sydney

The Opera House is what people think of when they think of Sydney. It’s easy. I happened to attend an event inside the Opera House, and I can say it’s worth the effort. Sydney is beautiful, and bathed in that … Read More

Just Listen: Chloe, Cockatoo Island

This girl smolders. Like the soot on the walls of this place. You’ll see. The future is her roadmap but she’s driving now. Already out there making things, and with a foundation I found commendable and honest. (Yes, there’s an … Read More

Just Listen: Fountain, Sydney

This is an image I told myself not to take. And here we are. It happens. The camera is unfolded. I’m itching to make something, and the way I see it this building and fountain got in the way. Oh … Read More

Just Listen: Harbor, Sydney

There is something about a good harbor that gets my juices flowing. Cruise ships get my juices flowing but in a different way. They are strange beasts filled with strange people heading to strange lands to that they can eat … Read More

Just Listen: Carving, Blue Mountains

You have to really want to do this. No short timers here. This is in our DNA, storytelling via stone. Been there from the beginning. Today the reasons might be under suspicion but the story is the same. Look, remember, … Read More

READ: Letters to Mom

Madre, Dad’s outfits were really bad. This should have been an indicator to all of us that he wasn’t well, but let’s face it, fashion knowledge, or sense, were not part of his skill set. I will forgive the 1970’s. … Read More

Just Listen: Zombie, Bondi

My first real portrait with the SX-70. She is nice, like everyone here. Halloween, but it doesn’t feel like it to me. I’ve got to work, and besides, I’m not at home. Far from it. The other side of the … Read More

Just Listen: Wake, Sydney

Ferry wake from up high. Like an abstract art piece. Fumbling with the viewfinder I barely manage to get this one off. No matter. There will be another ferry. How nice it must be to make one’s way to work … Read More

Just Listen: Lanterns, Sydney

A Chinese celebration I miss by a day, but the decoration is still there. And behind it, the needle, tower or whatever they call it downtown. “It’s worth a look,” they say. I stay nearby but never manage to make … Read More

Just Listen: Chimayo´Raking

This place is different. Impossible to ignore when you walk these grounds. Under the eyeballs of history, back then and right now. Not much difference actually. How can it be? Well, you have to know the history. So start here … Read More

Read: My Mistake

Film done. Negative in the enlarger. Forty seconds with a zero filter. Forty seconds with a five filter. No dodging or burning. Full rebate. Easel locked and loaded. Ilford Multigrade fiber, glossy. Expose. Move paper to developer tray. Four minutes … Read More

Just Listen: Bridge, Sydney

Yes, so much of Sydney is the bridge. Which one? Doesn’t matter. They are all worth a walk. I’m always amazed at how much something like this actually moves. Wind, traffic, the Earth settling and not so settling. I’m not … Read More

Just Listen: Chimney, Cockatoo Island

Someone had to do it. And he found it on his own. There is always one, thankfully. We need these people for f%$# sake. Cockatoo Island. A wander with likeminded folks prone to put the camera to eye and push … Read More

Just Listen: Pool, Bondi

The famous Bondi Icebergs. It lives up to the hype. If I lived here I’d been in this group, or at least I would try to be. I swim two laps after a year of inactivity and barely make it … Read More

Just Listen: Boxers, Sydney

Boxers. Trainers really. “Okay, a hundred this time.” Met with grumbles. I would be too. My arms nearly fall off just watching. I look like an alien with my dead cat and recorder. Old Polaroid and strange need to invade. … Read More

Just Listen: Eggs, Cockatoo Island

Ya, I know. You are pissed. And you are pissed at me. It’s like you came in my house and stood over my negatives. GO AWAY HUMAN. The camera makes it worse. “Gotta frame it just right, sorry little friend.”

Just Listen: Sax, Sydney

He was playing Christmas tunes but don’t let that fool you. The T-shirt is the key. Test him and you will taste “Back in Black” I’m sure of it. Hat pulled low, over the eyes, like Stevie Ray but perhaps … Read More