Creative: ROAM Media on New Wheels

One of the many good things about my job is I get to meet a lot of very interesting, very talented folks. Another fun aspect of my job is that I get to give talks. A lot of talks. A … Read More

Create: On Wing

One hundred and fifty miles south. Early morning. Caffeine in my veins, visor down to thwart the rising sun. This is it. It’s been SO long. Anxious heartrate reflected in my Garmin. The field. Returning to the field. She speaks … Read More

Create: Uruguay Journal

People make books for all kinds of reasons. Some reasons are solid, thought out and make complete and total sense. Other reasons are based on pure emotion, make no personal or financial sense but certain people feel they need to … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 018

My cameras are getting cleaned. I’m without my fancy two-gun rig and I don’t know what to do with myself. With this in mind, I had plenty of time to do yet another recording. New heroes, cybersecurity, sworn enemies, the … Read More

Create: Handmade Zine Test

Several weeks ago I attended a fantastic event. Part of our exercise was to very quickly create a handmade Zine. A Zine, for those of you wondering, is an informal magazine, mostly in small doses, self-published. These items can be … Read More

Create: MVP Book

Wanted to create a followup in regard to the last post about Generation Human Rights. Like many high-end projects that aim to be around for a while, this group made a book. For those of you who might have spent … Read More

Create: Flemming Bo Jensen Magazine Test

I’ve featured a lot of publications here at Shifter and I will continue to do so. There are a myriad of reasons NOT to print. Most are complete nonsense. Most involved inabilities. Inability to edit. Inability to sequence. Inability to … Read More

Create: Avoid my Mistakes

I’m back with another YouTube film. I thought about this film for a long while before I actually created it. I’ve made SO many mistakes in my career. As you will see, I mention a few here but there are … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 017

I just can’t stop doing these things. A few weeks ago someone asked me about audience feedback and how it shapes what I do. I said “I’ve never done anything with the audience in mind.” (This triple applies to my … Read More

Create: Terra Firma Newsletter

One of my favorite writers, and New Mexico local, Courtney White started a newsletter. Yes, there may or may have been some badgering but he would have done this with or without me hoping he would. It doesn’t matter where … Read More

Create: Catchlight Retreat

Okay, time for a recap. I am just home from the Catchlight Retreat. For those of you interested in photography, storytelling, new media, and intellectually provocative learnings, well, you should know Catchlight. A few names of note to take away … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 016

Back again with a quick hit before I board a plane for other destinations. We have our weekly hero, a look at corporate media in the two-party era, my new camera (again), an AG23 update and the demise of the … Read More

Create: Why it Works

Welcome to my new Youtube series. Wait, you didn’t know I was a YouTube darling? Did you not get the memo? It’s true. I’m trending, I can feel it. I’ve dabbled with this concept for years but will now focus … Read More

Create: Una Pura Verdad

An old film by an old friend. There are a fair number of new people on this site, and this is something I wasn’t sure people knew about but wanted them to see. This project is now ongoing once again. … Read More

Create: Journal Test

I’ve made hundreds of books with the Blurb system. And many with Magcloud as well. And now that I think about it, I’ve been making books and magazines since 1996. I’ve used dozens of platforms. None of which were perfect … Read More

Create: Interview with Musea

My bud Michael came through New Mexico and asked me to sit for an interview. I think he did a beautiful job not only with the filmmaking but also with the questions he asked. All relevant in my mind. Michael … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 015

Too many topics to cover in one podcast. Far too many. There are so many interesting, repulsive, idiotic and miraculous things happening it is impossible to NOT comment. So let’s get started. Politics? Yes, briefly but it’s mandatory at this … Read More