Create: Question & Answer 22

Hello, my friends. Welcome back. Thank you to those who took the time to send their questions. Much appreciated and a solid bunch of ideas to ponder and question. Keep firing in those questions and I’ll keep sending them back … Read More

Create: AG23 Contributor Series, Courtney White

I met Courtney White through his books only to find out he was a neighbor. After reaching out and meeting Courtney, and doing an hour-long interview, I knew that at some point in my life I would attempt to collaborate … Read More

Create: Zines, Jimmy Fikes

I’ve known Jimmy Fikes for a long while now. Buds from back in the LA day. Jimmy is an accomplished photographer and is also one of the most accomplished digital techs I know. Jimmy, you will like that I’m creating … Read More

Create: Ajiaco

This is a killer book. And we have Raw Society to thank for this, that is in addition to the photographer himself Héctor Delgado. Analog, processing kit, contact sheets, and the images that can only result from long-term immersion into … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography 8

Miami. Walking the streets with Leica in hand. Yes, there was a project, a story, and a fellow photographer involved. South Florida is unlike any other area in the United States. A mix of cultures, landscapes, and range of wealth … Read More

Create: AG23 Issue Two Overview

Well, it was a LONG time coming but with great pleasure, I bring you the overview of AG23 Issue Two. This begins with a LONG list of people to thank, including you. Rick Elder, the team at Beyond, Blurb Large … Read More

Create: Desert Oracle

A friend sent me this and I’m glad he did. Small, personal, pocket-sized, softcover, minimal, mighty. The Desert Oracle with Lost Civilizations, Cabin Dolls, and Mystery Craft. This little baby emerges from Joshua Tree, California at a $5.95 price point. … Read More

Create: 52/3

It starts out innocent enough. A safe cover. “Oh, look, honey, it’s a book about sculpture.” Ah, no. It’s not. The book turns and with it comes the turn toward the pandemic. Personally, I think some incredible work will emerge … Read More

Create: point two nine

I am often asked, “How do I start a project?” I have a range of answers depending on who the person is but most of the time I say “Start small, start close.” There is no substitute for time and … Read More

Create: Jesus F&^%$%$ 2020

You know when it comes to Molitor you are going to get something good, something odd, something a bit off but not like off in old milk ways I’m talking off in a way that makes you stop and wonder. … Read More

Create: Adventure Trail, Tim Bindner

You know I like me some adventure, and I find myself on an adventure, one of the dominant questions is always “Where am I going to take shelter?” Could be inside, outside, tent, van, bedroll or primitive site with established … Read More

Create: Question & Answer 21

Life is a bit hectic these days. My goal is to keep my head above water and attempt to find some truths, do some good and continue the trickle that is my YouTube channel. A quick shout out to those … Read More

Create: Dear Photographer Part Deux

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my first installment of “Dear Photographer,” would have any impact. But apparently, it did. Happy to hear. Now, before you go hating let me repeat my opener from the first installment. These … Read More

Create: Balazs Fejes, Zines

Balazs is back. I’ve featured he and his Zines before and the man just keeps putting them out. I have great appreciation for production. All too often I see and hear stories of why people can’t do something. There is … Read More

Create: Question and Answer 20

So thankful to those of you who sent me these questions. This week’s Question and Answer is a bit different as our range of topics has seen sudden diversification. (I love this.) Things like “What kind of bike do you … Read More

Create: Anatomy of a Portrait, Episode 1

Okay, new series. But, I got ahead of myself and needed to provide a portrait foundation before I begin to dissect an individual shoot. What kind of portraits do I do? What do they entail? How are they prepped, completed, … Read More

Create: Question & Answer 19

Well, well, well back again. I actually feel kinda lame doing so many questions and answer films but my flux capacitor is running at extreme temperatures and this is about all I have time for. Sorry. But, you ask damn … Read More