Create: How to Photograph on Vacation

Hey Kids, so I’ve started a real filmmaking portion of my “career.” As many of you know, I tried this many times in the past and it never worked. For some still unknown reason, this time it stuck and I’m … Read More

Create: It’s Been a While

Film time. Once again. It’s been a while. I did my first official, professional assignment with a digital camera sometime in 1993. I’m going to let you take a minute to think about that. I want you to think about … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 012

We have a loaded week people. So many good topics. We start with our hero and end with multi-year photography projects, but in the middle, we delve into all kinds of savory topics. Things like my staggering YouTube success, corporate … Read More

Create: Maine Diary, Episode Three, 2019

“You wanna know a good dive bar?” he asks the three pseudo-locals. His face too red, his voice too husky as the vape smolders from his fingertips. The weather cools but not enough to chill the tallboy stuffed in his … Read More

Create: Maine Diary, Episode Two, 2019

Counter people in a tourist town. Always an alarming change from early summer to late. The look becomes hardened, the smiles forced and cracked like dry Earth. The final signal before all hope and compassion are lost. But can you … Read More

Create: Maine Diary, Episode One, 2019

ORD>PWM 12D, Embraer 175, 30,000 feet. Light chop but a beautiful late afternoon, midwest summer down below. Another shooting in Texas but it’s difficult to feel sympathetic(to the problem, not the people) when exactly zero of our political leaders have … Read More

Create: Going Solo with the 50mm

I post this with mixed emotions. The photographic gear crowd and their incessant babble in regard to equipment are not only tiring they continue to reduce the photographic industry to a gear-obsessed, geeky organization that the rest of the creative … Read More

Creative: Fly Over State

I now live in a so-called “Flyover State.” This is incredibly insulting to anyone who lives in a place like this. I now live in a “Blue State,” something that is also incredibly insulting to anyone with half a brain. … Read More

Create: Blurb Unboxing Test

Yes, you read that correctly. A book unboxing. I always tell people that one of the best parts of bookmaking is seeing the book on your doorstep. And even after two hundred plus encounters it never gets old. In this … Read More

Create: Advancing your Photography, Part Two

Back by popular demand. Me on me and me on you and me on creativity and responsibility. For me, this is where things get truly interesting for anyone who considers themselves a professional. I do think this ideology applies to … Read More

Create: Rode Wireless Go

Let me just say before I begin. I don’t really care. I’ll use whatever works, and with my track record around all things electronic, I’m not asking or hoping for much. But you see I have a need. I need … Read More

Create: Nómade, Martin Herrera Soler

I’m about to rave. Prepare yourself. Uruguay is a peculiar place. Here in the good, old US of A we rarely hear anything about this South American gem of a country. Sure, Uruguay is home to the greatest footballer of … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 011

Ya, me again. New Mexico is keeping me busy so it’s been a while since I checked in with five random points. How about the inventor of the Porta Potty? Or maybe you want an AG23 update? What about the … Read More

Create: My Mistake

I make mistakes ALL THE TIME. In fact, this morning I fell over in the middle of an intersection because I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t unclip from my pedal in time. Yep, fell completely over. Hadn’t done that in … Read More

Create: Advancing your Photography

Hey, let’s talk about me. My favorite subject. I’ve worked with Marc Silber before. Been to his studio, talked photography, talked history, process and the ever-changing world of image-making. I like Marc and I like Marc’s “kind” meaning those people … Read More

Create: Going on Tour

Education. It’s a funny thing these days. The age of the online educated, the YouTube expert and vanishing barrier to entry. Education seems slow in some ways. And why bother if your goal is following? I get it. But I … Read More

Create: Albania Magazine, v1

Okay, now things are beginning to feel complete. Not quite fully complete, mind you, but we are getting closer. I’ve already posted in regard to my Albania project and the methodology, technique, and ideas I deployed to bring this baby … Read More

Create: Light of my Life

For a photographer, there are few things that truly matter. Strip away the promotion, the ego, the insecurity, the fear of being judged and the demands of career and what’s left are trace elements of what separates a picture from … Read More