Creative: Silber Studios Interview Redux

If you don’t know Marc Silber you should. NoCal based and hopelessly in love with all things photography. Marc has a production studio, writes books, does interviews and generally spends his life mired in the trenches of photography. Just the … Read More

Creative: Notes on Photography Episode 8

I’m back. And with video no less. Ain’t I just the belle of the ball. I want to expand this series, so I’m taking a bit of time to learn the software and to refine my technique. You know me, … Read More

Creative: Morning Smoke

I like a place where nature feels like she is still in control. I like a place that has four seasons. I like a place that doesn’t even attempt perfect. I like a place with history worn on the sleeve. … Read More

Creative: Between the Lines, Frank Jackson

You probably know Frank Jackson as a photographer. I do. But he’s got illustration skills too. Hence, “Between the Lines.” I love this book. I actually think Frank could make as much of this as he wants. These illustrations are … Read More

Creative: Selfie Book, Esben Melbye

Esben is Danish. Need I say more. This means he’s eccentric, speaks an ancient, impossible to learn or understand language and is prone to bouts of cycling, beer drinking, and wild adventure. You would like him. I badgered him for … Read More

Creative: Curtis III by Andrew Kaufman

There are few things in life I enjoy more than busting Andrew Kaufman’s chops. I try to do this every single day. We talk most days, and the days we don’t we trade insults via every form of communication ever … Read More

Creative: Selling Books

I’m curious about something. How many of you want to make books? How many of you want to sell books? I actually don’t know the answers to these questions. I hope the answer to the first question is 100%. What’s … Read More

Creative: Why blog? You, not them.

“Why do you blog?” he asked. The “he” in this case is a very successful photographer, but also someone who is what I would describe as a “searcher.” Always looking for meaning, purpose, always looking with slight skepticism at what … Read More

Creative: Flemming Bo Jensen, LayFlat Dreams

We all know Flemming. He’s got Viking blood. He presses the button for a living. He makes the occasional book. See how easy this secretly transitioned into a Blurb-related post. I’m so clever. Blurb layflat test book from Flemming Bo … Read More

Creative: Powering down from Mobile

I accidentally did something interesting. As you know, I recently attended the fourteenth year of the Palm Springs Photo Festival. I love this event. This event is truly unique to photography. This event is also tailor-made for social media, at … Read More

Creative: Loving to Lose

The most I ever made from a single day of photography was $20,000. Three years ago I turned down a $40,000 job because I was too sick (Lyme) to complete the mission. Ten years before, I held my line and … Read More

Creative: In the Moment

Busted. Reading in the middle of the night. I’ve said this before but reading is a free education and one that most of us should take more advantage of. Less screen, more page. The truth is Americans, not all but … Read More

Creative: Judging a Contest

I just judged a contest for “Photographer of the Year.” I won’t go into all the details of where, for whom, etc. Just know I was asked to judge and judge I did. I take this very seriously. Being a … Read More

Creative: Palm Springs Photo Festival, Take Five

Day one of our workshop, and a day of books. At least at the beginning. This is our third year of teaching this particular class, but each year we change things up. This year’s class is a lecture, discussion, questions, … Read More

Creative: Palm Springs Photo Festival, Take Four

Newsflash. I don’t work as a photographer. Haven’t for a long time. However, I’m still intrigued by the idea of being a working photographer in 2019. Why? Because so much has changed. You often hear horror stories these days. The … Read More