Creative: The Worst Photograph Ever Made

I’ve come to an important conclusion. This is the single worst photograph ever made. This image was made from an airboat on the Texas coast during a duck hunting expedition my father and I undertook in the early 1980s. This … Read More

Creative: Newswear Belt Bag

I like fanny packs. There, I said it. I’ve been using belt bag systems since the early 1990s but these systems have varied tremendously. One of the best setups I had was given to me by another photographer who felt … Read More

Creative: Journal as Journey

The journey to photobook bliss is as thin and difficult to walk as a razor’s edge, to steal from one of my all-time favorite books. “It’s easy to be a Holy Man on top of a mountain.” (Read The Razor’s … Read More

Creative: Photoshelter

I get a lot of emails about post-production, storage, archiving, access and delivery of images. First off, I haven’t worked as a photographer in nearly ten years. It still feels incredible to say this, but it has been that long. … Read More

Creative: Self-Portrait, London

I’ve photographed myself more than once. My best guess going back thirty years is maybe I’ve photographed myself a hundred times. Now, this is a total stab in the dark. It might be slightly more, or slightly less. You might … Read More

Creative: Old Promo Piece

I’m a huge fan of print media. I know, you’re shocked. And when I say “print media,” I don’t just mean magazines, portfolios, books, etc. I mean marketing collateral as well. The image you are viewing here goes back to … Read More

Creative: The Power of Vague

This just in. The cover of your precious book is important. Some might say critical. I would say “You never get a second chance at a first impression,” but I would never say that because that would be a terrible … Read More

Creative: Time with Kirkland (2)

You know my feelings about Los Angeles. And you know my feelings about driving in Southern California. So when my wife said “You know, Douglas is going to be at the Palos Verdes Art Center,” I immediately said, “Yep, we’re … Read More

Creative: Kodak Promos late 1990s

You might not know this about me. I’m kinda famous. People like me. I’m in advertisements. I’m potentially not proud of this but it’s true. I’ve lived many different lives in the past few decades and these two cards are … Read More

Creative: Book Fail, Sicily v3

I’m in the midst of packing up a ton of books. Consequently, I’ve found a myriad of my past sins, including this baby. A version of my Sicily book that should have never seen the light of day. Thankfully I … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 009

We’ve got a loaded lineup this week people. First up, another lie about newsletters. A bit more about my Patrick Swayze obsession. Then we hit up the pros of cons of the Julian Assange situation, a recap of my recent … Read More

Creative: Traces

He was embarrassed. Mostly with himself and the never-ending range of broken promises. The angst from these came in the form of a burning sensation in his chest. They forced him to talk to himself, pleading and promising he would … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 008

My children. I know, I’ve been remiss. My life is upside down at the moment, in both positive and negative ways, but I’m back with another episode. We talk hero talk with Laura Poitras and Alex Trebek. We talk Fuji … Read More