Create: Notes on Photography, Episode 003

Shooting square format is a wonderful thing. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to several talented square format photographers early on in my career. The likes of Claudio Edinger, Paolo Pellegrin, and Giorgia Fiorio. I chose to use the … Read More

Create: Journal Entry, Found Paints

There was this sale. It was an estate of some sort. A family member no longer. The other members sifting through the pieces, filing paperwork, and attempting to make sense of a future missing a piece. Articles of belonging, faith, … Read More

Create: AG23 Contributor Series, Frank Jackson

Frank Jackson is an enigma. Or an anomaly. Or maybe he’s both? Where does he fit in? I don’t know and that is precisely why I find Frank so interesting. Want to know about analog photography? Talk to Frank. Want … Read More

Create: Five Things

The idea is to reduce the number of physical possessions. Less is more. But there are things essential to our existence, essential to what we do, and essential to our mode of operation. These essential items can be with us … Read More

Create: Books I Love, American Backyard

I’ve waited a long time to bring you this film, story, and book(s). I met Elliot Ross several years ago while attending an industry event and I knew immediately that he, and his creative collaborators, would make great things. One … Read More

Create: Learning a New Lens

Great photography is NOT about great photography equipment. Sure, equipment can assist and it does make a difference what platform you choose. Think about 35mm, 120mm, 4×5, 8×10, or any flavor of digital and you have a virtual buffet of … Read More

Create: Notes on Layouts, Episode 001

Welcome to another new series. Based on the success of my “Notes on Photography” films I thought I would add a new serious about layouts using a similar technique. I have ZERO training when it comes to page design, graphic … Read More

Create: Learn by Seeing, Book Samples

I’ve given two talks over the past week and after completing the second I thought it might be worthwhile to share this presentation with a larger audience. I’ve made my share of books and magazines over the years, some say … Read More

Create: Thank You, Totally Unnecessary

My job encompasses many tasks, and these tasks seem to change on a regular basis. I was just asked to form a content creation and process schedule that details my week by week production from now until the end of … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 041

Loaded for bear. What do you want to know? How about how fragile the American political left seems when you make any criticism? How about an AG23 mailing update and the status of the USPS? Maybe you want to know … Read More

Create: Interview, Photo Biz Xposed

All me all the time. Need to thank Andrew Hellmich for the interview. I enjoyed this experience immensely and I also appreciate the time allowed. In a world obsessed with the short we were able to add a little to … Read More

Create: Print Q&A Episode 001

My life was ruined in the late 1980s when I watched my first silver print come alive in the Dektol. “Oh no,” I remember thinking. “Time for a right turn.” And turn I did, toward photography as my career, much … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 040

Yep, already at forty episodes and just warming up. Back for more? Good, good. All is well. This week we hit our usual hero and question of the week followed by a speed-dating style attack on points covering book condensing … Read More

Create: Books I Love, Dancing on Fire, Maggie Steber

There is nothing I love more than exposing people to good photography books, especially those books that influenced me in becoming a photographer. One such book is “Dancing on Fire,” by photojournalist Maggie Steber. My history with Maggie goes back … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 039

How can I continue to provide this content for free? It’s like holding back the tide. Nearly impossible. Yes, we talk hero, the question of the week, and who this podcast is for. (Think Bruce Lee) We talk about my … Read More

Create: TOMORROWLAND, Sebastian Schlueter

I have to start this with a little tough love. (It’s the same tough love you have heard me provide again and again.) If you look at what Sebastian Schlueter has done with his magazine/book “TOMORROWLAND” and you still find … Read More