Create: Rode Wireless Go

Let me just say before I begin. I don’t really care. I’ll use whatever works, and with my track record around all things electronic, I’m not asking or hoping for much. But you see I have a need. I need … Read More

Create: Nómade, Martin Herrera Soler

I’m about to rave. Prepare yourself. Uruguay is a peculiar place. Here in the good, old US of A we rarely hear anything about this South American gem of a country. Sure, Uruguay is home to the greatest footballer of … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 011

Ya, me again. New Mexico is keeping me busy so it’s been a while since I checked in with five random points. How about the inventor of the Porta Potty? Or maybe you want an AG23 update? What about the … Read More

Create: My Mistake

I make mistakes ALL THE TIME. In fact, this morning I fell over in the middle of an intersection because I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t unclip from my pedal in time. Yep, fell completely over. Hadn’t done that in … Read More

Create: Advancing your Photography

Hey, let’s talk about me. My favorite subject. I’ve worked with Marc Silber before. Been to his studio, talked photography, talked history, process and the ever-changing world of image-making. I like Marc and I like Marc’s “kind” meaning those people … Read More

Create: Going on Tour

Education. It’s a funny thing these days. The age of the online educated, the YouTube expert and vanishing barrier to entry. Education seems slow in some ways. And why bother if your goal is following? I get it. But I … Read More

Create: Albania Magazine, v1

Okay, now things are beginning to feel complete. Not quite fully complete, mind you, but we are getting closer. I’ve already posted in regard to my Albania project and the methodology, technique, and ideas I deployed to bring this baby … Read More

Create: Light of my Life

For a photographer, there are few things that truly matter. Strip away the promotion, the ego, the insecurity, the fear of being judged and the demands of career and what’s left are trace elements of what separates a picture from … Read More

Creative: The Albania Project, Part Three

Copy that. Roger. Copy. And stop calling me Roger. So, what have we covered so far? The main dish, double exposures. The appetizer, the stand-alone single images, and now we move on to perhaps the most important and most personal … Read More

Creative: is live…

Okay, it lives and breathes. The experimental collaboration with Beyond Clothing and Blurb, in the form of, is alive and well. Remember, this is about promoting understanding through art and dialogue, but this idea can take on nearly any … Read More

Creative: Albania Project, Part Two

Okay, so we’ve covered my basic photography philosophy with this project; double exposures. However, there are two other components to the story. The static, stand-alone, straight images and the copy. Straight images are where the rubber meets the road, so … Read More

Creative: Albania Project Part One

Serious, focused photography isn’t something I do much these days. Documentary photography, at least the way I do it, which would be considered “old school” by many, is far from easy and massively time-consuming. Ingredients that don’t jive well with … Read More

Creative: Albanian Experiment

I’ve kept something from you, a secret. I’ve been in Albania for the last two weeks. Upon arrival in Tirana, I turned off my phone, placed it in my suitcase and never looked back. Off the grid. Heaven. No social, … Read More

Creative: What to do with it?

I never thought I would have to write this post. When I first picked up a camera for real, which was the summer of 1987, my goal was to learn the craft and then attempt to become a professional. I … Read More

Creative: First Footsteps Journal Entry

“Just watch,” he said. “Just sit over there and watch.” “This is Santa Fe.” Clouds rolling over spoiling plans but a few ticks later all is well. This is a test, this is only a test, of the emergency broadcast … Read More

Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 010

Alright almighty, I’m back. A short and sweet week starting with two new heroes, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and John Wesley Powell. Next up we cover the pain of a kidney stone, the Ingram Distribution/Global Retail Network, our move to New Mexico … Read More

Creative: Notebook and Journal Report

You know me. I’ve been journaling daily since 1993 and first started putting pen to paper in elementary school. It’s in my blood. I had my system down. I really did. Same trim size, same brand, for YEARS. Until Blurb … Read More

Creative: AG23 Zine, Prepare for Launch

I mentioned this a few months ago, but we are now dangerously close to liftoff. Let me just say this. This is NOT easy. Launching a Zine is a terribly complicated endeavor that is far more costly and time-consuming than … Read More