Create: Ten Words, Ten Photographers

I lied. There are eleven words and photographers. But who is counting? I did this same film as a YouTube Live last week or the week before, but I liked the content enough to redo it here with more information. … Read More

Create: begin vol 2, Michael Napper

How many photographer/artists do I know who obsess over things like Argentinian cafes and Sony minidisc players? The answer? One. But THE one also happens to be one of the most talented people I know and I know a lot … Read More

Create: Q&A Session 004

First of all, thank you to everyone who wrote in with a question. I didn’t get to all of them but will move the unanswered list to the next Q&A. Also, I am simply one person with one point of … Read More

Create: Clematis, Andrew Molitor

I know when I get something from Andrew Molitor (The boy can seriously write.) it will have direction. That direction may be out of right field, but it is direction none the less and for this, I have great appreciation. … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 038

You might be wondering how I can continually produce such award-winning content. Pure skill is the answer, but to hone this skill you need calories, so this week we begin with a recipe, then move on to the death of … Read More

Create: Thoughts on Film Photography, Episode 001

For anyone my age, the current excitement level in regard to film photography is both hysterical and very, very welcome. I love film, always have and always will. Logistically, for the kind of work I am currently doing, film does … Read More

Create: Blurb Wall Art

As you might already know, Blurb recently introduced wall art and part of my job was to test the system. (Same for everyone else at Blurb.) This was quite a fun time as it allowed for all groups to work … Read More

Create: Chris Lewtas in Print

Let’s all tip our hats to Chris Lewtas, someone I just met after he reached out to say “Hello.” Chris did what so many don’t. He went to print. Idea = action = critical thought = print. Well done. So … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Podcast 037

Hello, my audio friends. Thank you for tuning in for what will surely be a life-changing experience. COVID is totally under control, according to the Red States, but change is in the wind. Let’s check in with our latest hero, … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography Episode 002

Welcome to the second motion episode of Notes on Photography. The workshop series I mention in the intro is PhotoExperience with Adam Weintraub. I’ve taught with Adam several times and would do so again if the opportunity arose. Lima, Peru. … Read More

Create: Office Space

You know those videos on YouTube that show “minimalist,” desk setups, or workstations, with a grand total of four items perfectly spaced. Each item is new, perfect, trending, and guaranteed to trigger a cascade of new buying? Ya, I figured … Read More

Create: The One

I was fortunate. I came up during a time in photography that involved the wet darkroom. The darkroom was about pace, commitment, and a dizzying array of potential techniques. The darkroom was a dance. Time, temperature, mixture, agitation, experimentation. And … Read More

Create: Artisans and Trade Podcast

I never get tired of me. Me, me, me. More me with a side order of me and a syrupy dessert of more me. Stephen Obisanya from Artisans and Trade reached out and asked “Hey, wanna talk?” Who me? Why … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 036

Hello, my podcast children. Uncle Dan here. So much to talk about. Why not start with documentary films, the monetization of my YouTube channel, a merchandise idea for AG23 that is no longer just an idea, how anyone could lose … Read More

Create: AG23 Zine Collaboration, Part One

This is a work in progress, and probably always will be, but the AG23 Zine collaboration is one of the best projects I’ve ever been involved in. Like many good projects, this one is somewhat complicated and somewhat unique and … Read More

Create: Photography Daily Interview

Gotta thank Mr. Neale James for this little sit-down. Neale is a pro who does what he does at a high level but also makes the entire process a lot of fun. I’ve been doing a fair number of interviews … Read More

Create: The Power of Actual News

This should be required viewing for all Americans. It never will be and remember it took a comedian to put this out. But he is SPOT on. The television news isn’t news, nor is most of what you see online. … Read More