Create: Interview

I just did another interview. I do a fair amount of these things. I enjoy doing them. I think I MIGHT have something relevant to add, otherwise I would not do them. When someone asks I have to question myself … Read More

Create: Hannah Kozak

I have a great appreciation for tenacity. I think many folks who get into photography thinking it will be a career don’t understand just how bad you need to want it, especially in today’s market. I’ve known Hannah Kozak for … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 014

A great episode this week, at least I think so but I might be the only person listening to this. I just never tire of my own voice. Anyway, we hit on a political opportunity for the Republican party, the … Read More

Create: Catchlight Print Sale and Event

Okay, for those of you who are new to my site this is a very specific event and a specific group I want to bring your attention to. I’ve spent far too much time discussing the differences between the online … Read More

Create: Photographing Family

I’m a filmmaker now. Did I mention this before? Yep, it’s official. Get my name on those shortlists. “And the Oscar goes to….Uncle Danno.” I’m slowly getting my sealegs when it comes to technique. I’m a long way from anywhere … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 013

I’m giving myself a “C” on this one, but it’s done so there’s that. A lot going on right now so plenty to discuss. We discuss a new hero, two actually. We talk revisionist history, amateur vs professional photography, a … Read More

Create: Issuing a Challenge

Okay, creative types. I am a firm believer that being a creative isn’t about the actual genre you practice. Maybe you define yourself as a photographer, painter, illustrator, designer, etc. But to me, you are far more than that. You … Read More

Create: The Importance of Print

I was fortunate. I came up in photography during a slower time. There were real budgets, no Internet, no mobile phones smaller than a toaster oven and let us not forget the innocence of the pager. Print was the focal … Read More

Create: How to Photograph on Vacation

Hey Kids, so I’ve started a real filmmaking portion of my “career.” As many of you know, I tried this many times in the past and it never worked. For some still unknown reason, this time it stuck and I’m … Read More

Create: It’s Been a While

Film time. Once again. It’s been a while. I did my first official, professional assignment with a digital camera sometime in 1993. I’m going to let you take a minute to think about that. I want you to think about … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 012

We have a loaded week people. So many good topics. We start with our hero and end with multi-year photography projects, but in the middle, we delve into all kinds of savory topics. Things like my staggering YouTube success, corporate … Read More

Create: Maine Diary, Episode Three, 2019

“You wanna know a good dive bar?” he asks the three pseudo-locals. His face too red, his voice too husky as the vape smolders from his fingertips. The weather cools but not enough to chill the tallboy stuffed in his … Read More

Create: Maine Diary, Episode Two, 2019

Counter people in a tourist town. Always an alarming change from early summer to late. The look becomes hardened, the smiles forced and cracked like dry Earth. The final signal before all hope and compassion are lost. But can you … Read More

Create: Maine Diary, Episode One, 2019

ORD>PWM 12D, Embraer 175, 30,000 feet. Light chop but a beautiful late afternoon, midwest summer down below. Another shooting in Texas but it’s difficult to feel sympathetic(to the problem, not the people) when exactly zero of our political leaders have … Read More

Create: Going Solo with the 50mm

I post this with mixed emotions. The photographic gear crowd and their incessant babble in regard to equipment are not only tiring they continue to reduce the photographic industry to a gear-obsessed, geeky organization that the rest of the creative … Read More

Creative: Fly Over State

I now live in a so-called “Flyover State.” This is incredibly insulting to anyone who lives in a place like this. I now live in a “Blue State,” something that is also incredibly insulting to anyone with half a brain. … Read More

Create: Blurb Unboxing Test

Yes, you read that correctly. A book unboxing. I always tell people that one of the best parts of bookmaking is seeing the book on your doorstep. And even after two hundred plus encounters it never gets old. In this … Read More

Create: Advancing your Photography, Part Two

Back by popular demand. Me on me and me on you and me on creativity and responsibility. For me, this is where things get truly interesting for anyone who considers themselves a professional. I do think this ideology applies to … Read More