Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 027

This is a good one, at least I think so. Lots to talk about. A missing hero, another tragic example of modern photography, my familiarity with antimalarial drugs, the city of Utrecht and their brilliant anti-car city as well as … Read More

Create: Print Don’t Lie

I should have known. I did know. But I didn’t want to know. YouTube is both a cool place and a terrifying little glimpse into the collective mindset of those who like to watch. I’m really glad I started making … Read More

Create: Guatemala Journal 1995

Guatemala was my first international trip as a photographer. If you don’t count crossing the border, which I had done many, many times prior to 1995. But Guate was my first trip where I went to make pictures. Sure, I … Read More

Create: The Still Life

This is why I like digital. I don’t love digital like I love film, might never, but that’s okay. I still like digital and that’s enough. I might not have ever shot this image on film. I won’t do anything … Read More

Create: My Favorite Subject

Enough about me, what do you think about me? My favorite subject, me, me, me. Now, in all honesty, I very, very rarely make pictures of myself. My generation pointed their cameras out into the world, not the other way … Read More

Create: Here and There

Up above. Laws of physics on display. Shape, sound, size, trajectory, gravity, inertia. The list goes on and on. Here and there. But for how long? A stoppage looms, at least it feels that way. A coyote sits on the … Read More

Create: The Days Before

We dropped south from France after a week at the Visa Pour L’Image Festival our souls soothed with the best of the best who frame the world through little squares and rectangles. Drop the car in Marseille and pick up … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 025

A loaded lineup this week. New camera gear, the concept of hope, a brief touch on the virus situation, a few tales from my newspaper past and a variety of other morsels of critical data. What about the pros and … Read More

Create: Why I Use Fuji Cameras

Yes, the depths of my hypocrisy are considerable but hear me out. I did this film as a preemptive strike. Since starting my blossoming and surely legendary YouTube career I have been bombarded by emails and messages in regard to … Read More

Create: That Time in Life

It began in the heat with an assisting assignment. Someone I had worked with many times before and in a location I knew as well as any. You could put this photographer anywhere, in any situation, and he could come … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 024

Back again with all kinds of tasty morsels. Yep, just what’s floating around in my head. Buyer beware. We have multiple heroes of the week, a few thoughts about non-pros telling non-pros what pros are thinking, dressing up while traveling … Read More

Create: Flemming Bo Jensen Magazine

For those of you who have been here for any length of time, you will recognize the name, Flemming Bo Jensen. Friend, lover of Inca Cola, Fuji cameras, rental cars with good stereos and sleeping through visits to Machu Picchu. … Read More

Create: Drew and Katja Cain

We gotta give this guy some love. When I saw the view count on this film I thought my system was broken. You know me, jaded when it comes to the power of books and magazines in a world obsessed … Read More

Create: Mi Esposa en El Desierto

Quick post here people. This was made during my Los Angeles days. I was riding a 600v twin Honda Transalp during those days, like an idiot. Los Angeles is my least favorite major city on the planet and a truly … Read More

Create: Classic Portrait

I’m older than I look. This is me in the 1800s, sitting with my old pal Toba a Denver based photography agent. We met back in the day while working for Kodak Professional. She from the mountainous regions and me … Read More

Create: Jesse Levine

So I gave a talk. It was a captive audience. They were winners and I had a chance to talk at them. A small but potent group. Filmmakers, photographers, writers. You know, creative types. From the far reaches of the … Read More