Create: 10,000K Thank You

What else is there to say? Thank you. Ten thousand subscribers to my YouTube Channel. This is quite a surprise. I’m not sure it actually means anything in terms of success with the channel but I’m pleased that my ramblings … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Seven

Had the voiceover all ready to go. Done, set, recorded. And then I didn’t add it and think I like the film better without hearing my whimper of a voice. Did I mention how easily I lose my voice? Man, … Read More

Create: Hip to be Square?

I know for some of you I might seem like a good photographer. While I’ve won my share of photo-battles over the years I would never self-assign that title. Doing so just feels wrong. I started my career in journalism … Read More

Create: Question & Answer 25

Yes, still in the van and still fielding questions. You can’t stop me, I’m mobile, agile, and hostile. Okay, not really. I stole that from a movie I can’t remember. 1. 1:18, Is black and white in photojournalism dead? 2. … Read More

Create: Let’s Talk Field Guides

Someone reached out and asked me about field guides in particular. What are they? How are they deployed and how does one make such a publication? I was going to add to this my Q&A films but know many of … Read More

Create: Fun Film Facts

Everyone calm down. I can feel the rage brewing through this horrible connection I have at the moment. Film. It has taken on mythical proportions in the consumer, prosumer, and online worlds. For the pros, no, they are busy making … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Six

Photography is a curse. Once the spell is cast your way, and your heart knowingly opens up, there is no turning back. Anyone who really commits knows there is no turning it off. All reasons for the descent are valid. … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography 12

Even though I had been covering political conventions since 1992, Los Angeles in the year 2000 was entirely eye-opening. Wild. Violent. Loaded with photographic moments. Covering politics is a wonderful thing because here in America we are straight-up bat s%$# … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Five

The people you encounter on the way. So much of this experience is just that. Moments, glancing verbal blows. Making time and slowing down to LISTEN. Writing, taking notes, and recording as much as possible then sharing those items to … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, What Have We Learned?

The odometer for Road Trip 2021 ticks past 3000 miles. Sixteen states, high heat, higher humidity, and the pulse of a culture in decline? No, but perhaps “recline” is an appropriate description. What have we learned? What are the questions … Read More

Create: Books I Love, City of Regrets

For some unknown reason, as a kid growing up in South Texas and Wyoming I was fascinated by the Middle East and particularly what was happening in Lebanon. The factions fighting, the city caught in the middle, the history and … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Three

Pain. Suffering. Self-induced misery. Why oh why is this so much a part of my life? Why do I need it? Why do I want it? What purpose does it serve? And how does it impact the creative side of … Read More

Create: Question & Answer 24

Well hello, my long-lost friends. It’s me again. Like a bad penny dolling out random advice based on real-life experience, emotional and haste. Sit down, strap in and take off the parking brake. Thank you to everyone who sent questions. … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Two

Water. The wet world has been an integral part of my life since my early days. Going on the road allows for a wide range of water encounters. Paddle, swim, surf, fish, and more. Water has a personality, a look, … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography 11

This picture reminds of the movie Sicario but has nothing to do with the border, the drug war, or anything bad for that matter. But the feel is what leads me. Welcome to my world and welcome to my brain. … Read More

Create: AG23 Contributor Series, Hannah Kozak

“This is not about me, this is about my mother.” This is one reason I love Hannah Kozak. She puts story above her own fame and has the tenacity to see things through. Hannah began shooting at a very early … Read More

Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode One

Episode One: Eight days in with thirty more on the horizon. Eleven states, traffic jams, and friends and family. Sticking fingers, face masks, and the rolling hills of Middle America. Heat, humidity, and bugs enough for your wildest dreams. Pit … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography 10

Torn between two lovers. Normally when I edit I know very quickly what I want. Most of the time I know when I make a picture but sometimes I fool myself into thinking I have all the answers. I don’t. … Read More