Create: Question and Answer 29

One man, one opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. I love these question-and-answer films and I love the range of questions. Miami Vice? Oh, come on. How can that NOT go unanswered? The single greatest show in the history of the … Read More

Create: Notes on Photography 13

Projects can take over your life. Even those that don’t get much traction. But these projects return something to the person willing to take them on. They return in both expected and unexpected ways. And sometimes, those unexpected ways lead … Read More

Create: Dear Photographer Three

There are so many things I wish I knew. Advice, suggestions, heck…even threats would have been good and well deserved. Dear photographer is about this very thing. To do, not to do, take your pick. Being a photographer means different … Read More

Create: iPhone 13 Pro Rodeo

Bit of a temp film here people, full admission. But, there is a reason behind my madness. Just testing, testing, and more testing. This last road trip illustrated to me how good the new iPhone is and for motion content … Read More

Create: Operation Improve

The winds of change are upon us but these winds are additive. Giving not taking but blowing me in a direction I do not yet know. What could be better? A few weeks ago I was confronted with the need … Read More

Create: Let’s Talk Business

This film might rub some people the wrong way. Others might find it enlightening. But the underlying theme of this film is positivity. There are still people doing well in photography, from both the online and traditional industries, and for … Read More

Create: Road Trip Two, Episode Three

The Stonethrower. The grandfather couldn’t throw because his spine was frozen making it impossible to twist his upper body. The father could throw but wasn’t good at it. The brother could throw, too, and was skilled at stone skipping which … Read More

Create: Making Connections

I was on the hook to make a film for Blurb, normal procedure, but I found the topic to be a good one so I thought I would expand here on my own channel. Think about this making connections in … Read More

Create: Question and Answer 28

I love these. When I feel like I haven’t been productive enough I crank out a Question and Answer and all feels right with the world. Maybe I need to hear my own voice. Maybe it’s all ego. You just … Read More

Create: End-of-Year Bookmaking Tips

My friends, learn from your old pal Danno and don’t make the same mistakes I do. Think about this…end of year. An end of a year unlike any we have seen perhaps ever. Major systems are stressed, faltering, and near … Read More

Create: Road Trip Two, Episode Two

Morning run. Three miles, no more no less. Slow and steady and a chance to clear the mind and body. The blue glow of 5 AM comes and goes, lost in the drifting mire of half-sleep and dream. What will … Read More

Create: Question and Answer 27

One man, one opinion. Thank you for sending in your questions and if you have another then send that one in as well. Love these as I can speak to you as if you were sitting here with me. 1. … Read More

Create: Road Trip Two, Episode One

Voice, sound, and visuals from the past week burning across the western half of the United States. For me, there is absolutely nothing better than having the time to put pen to paper and transcribe the thoughts piercing my brain. … Read More

Create: Elena Dorfman Interview & Workshop

As many of you know, in 2019 I ventured to Albania to take a workshop from visual artist Elena Dorfman. Elena and I have been friends for many years but had never crossed paths, so to speak, in the field. … Read More

Create: Notes on Layouts 3

I know this topic isn’t as sexy as some of the others unless you are me. I think about this stuff every single day. Bookmaking shows as much of what we don’t know as what we do, which is why … Read More

Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 059

Okay, back by popular demand the For What It’s Worth Podcast. Complete with the hero of the week, the goat of the week, and a rambling assortment of posts and topics that are sure to please at least ten percent … Read More

Create: VanLife Clothing, Kit & Culture

Okay, as many of you know, I am now the center of a new Blurb campaign titled “#FromTheVanWithDan,” which takes a look at the creative side of working from a van. This is a new series and unlike anything, we … Read More