BikeLife: Know When to Fold Em

I know, cycling as a lifestyle is a long way from becoming the norm here in America but a guy can dream, can’t he? We have legit issues, roadblocks, and realities here but why not at least start to address … Read More

BikeLife: BikeLife Episode 15

Summer has arrived in Northern New Mexico. But for the first time in two years, we have a week of light rain, low temps and absolute joy. The landscape goes from brown to green, almost instantly, as the patient things … Read More

BikeLife: BikeLife 14

We often live parallel lives. I know I do. There is the world of my mind and my belief that I am still eighteen years old, and then there is the reality staring back at me. As we get older … Read More

BikeLife: Dusty Roads

Anyone my age will know the double meaning of this post title. It couldn’t be helped. I apologize. I hope you are out getting dusty. I’ve stopped posting the statistics from my rides. There wasn’t any real issue or any … Read More

BikeLife: One Tire Fits All

Bike geeks and tire width geeks might not be happy with this film or my assessment of the situation. One tire fits all. And no I’m not running tubeless and have no intention of doing so in the short term. … Read More

BikeLife: BikeLife 12

This is the best BikeLife film so far. How do I know this? Because everything went wrong. My plan was grand, dramatic, and sexy but the New Mexico day had other ideas for me. There was the crash followed by … Read More

BikeLife: Episode 11

I know that many of you are here for photography-related films. Makes sense seeing as I spent most of my adult life as a working photographer. However, my life isn’t all about photography although I guess one could say even … Read More

BikeLife: Episode 010

A bit different here but I needed your help and also wanted to share about a few recent upgrades, changes that have made my cycling life a lot better. First, I’ve got to figure out my recovery post-ride. What I … Read More

BikeLife: New Mexico Groove

I lied. There is no groove. This is my first season riding in the cold and I’ve had to learn a few new boundaries. Those boundaries are more about me than anything else. What can I handle? What can I … Read More

BikeLife: BikeLife Episode 009

Yes, the production quality sucks. Yes, it was so windy you can barely hear me but that was even more reason to make this film. If I can do it you can do it. The triple neck-punch of winter, wind, … Read More

BikeLife: Winter Way

I have mixed emotions about tracking my adventures. I know folks who LIVE to share their conquests. To the point where it feels like the only reason they actually go on adventures is to tell others what they have done. … Read More

BikeLife: Eye of the Storm

“Remember when “X” was such a good magazine?” she asked. (Insert legendary high society magazine.) Tossing a recent copy of the said magazine on a small table she added “That was simply the worst I’ve read in a long while.” … Read More

BikeLife: Maintenance

When I was younger I never fully grasped the idea of maintenance workouts. I was unruly. “Maintenance?” “You dusty old coots, what the heck are you talking about?” Well, let the fifty-one-year-old version of me explain. At fifty-one, my body … Read More

BikeLife: Seasonal Upswing

I would classify the Santa Fe Ski Basin as a classic area ride. I remember the first time I did this ride, back on my Trek 520 with front and rear racks and bar-end shifters. I’ve subsequently done this ride … Read More

BikeLife: Episode 008

Vortex of slateA push from CortezA pull from the thirst ofThe great aridnessColliders, once, these great beastsWe hope for them yet knowControl is just beyond us, alwaysRhythmic breathing and the cadenceOf thought when left aloneThese are the power spotsMoments unadorned … Read More

Adventure: BikeLife Episode 007

Well, I had to rethink my pandemic cycling strategy. I’m back on the bike. With my history of respiratory issues, keeping in shape is essential. I wanted to provide a short take on how I’m riding, what I’m riding and … Read More

Create: BikeLife Episode 005, Tucson Loop

“I’ll just start riding and then turn around…right?” I told myself as I dropped down the ramp in an industrial section of South Tucson. It’s a loop, and it’s fifty-three miles. I’ve ridden once in the last month, so a … Read More