Adventure: Everyday Expedition, Episode Six

To some, it might seem like I live a strange life. Bouncing between worlds, none of which I belong to entirely. I can lean in many directions, and I do, but I find the balance between things to be the … Read More

Adventure: Everyday Expedition Episode 5

This series is about you and me. People with jobs who aren’t pros who will probably never stand atop Everest or float the Nile. Everyday people doing everyday things in the outdoors. Trout on the fly. Yes, that was the … Read More

Adventure: Vanlife 6

Okay, better get used to this sort of thing. VanLife films that don’t talk much about the van. But do talk about random things like Mountain Dew and the Blurb bookstore. There will be much VanLife in the coming months, … Read More

Adventure: El Culebra

(From the Journal: 2021_05_16). I hit a snake today. Rusty and roughly eight feet in length. The guy in the gray Jeep ahead hit it first but I kept the idea in play. After the first hit, the snake became … Read More

Adventure: VanLife 5

Remember, the van is NOT the thing. The van is the THING that gets you to the THING. This series is a sketch of my life away from the computer. If this film looks and sounds disjointed then you will … Read More

Adventure: VanLife Episode Four

We were on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. Just kidding. That’s a line from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by the one-and-only Hunter S. Thompson. A literary hero. But I like to … Read More

Adventure: Out on the Fringe

Two days in the field. Felt like I needed to move mountains to get this time but the moment I left the house the rest of my world just faded away. In two days I’ve forgotten passwords, forgotten to-do lists, … Read More

Adventure: Winter Gasps

We wait for one more storm. At least. The ground asks us to be patient, to push off that carwash, that stowing of the extra thick layers, and the temptation to act as if this act is over. It’s not, … Read More

Adventure: Falling Down

As Texas endures the great, white blight we here in New Mexico just shrug. Contrary to popular opinion it actually snows in New Mexico. Yes, we have pointy parts that fly free to the bottom of the clouds. And yes, … Read More

Adventure: Everyday Expedition, Episode 004

Shout out to Kurt for the bumper. Much appreciated. Fifty-two percent of the state of New Mexico is now in what is considered to be “exceptional” drought. I begin to compile footage, stills, and copy in an attempt to tell … Read More

Adventure: Enter This Raffle, Priority 600x

Hello, world. Enter this raffle. I have nothing to do with any of the people or organizations involved but I know of them and they seem like good people with a good cause and a good product. For ten dollars … Read More

Adventure: Moving On

With fall came the raking and burning of the dead, dry leaves. Building forts with Nick and Sarah, dad in his red and black checkered fall coat. Mom making pictures or going for long walks. Fingers cold in the afternoon … Read More

Adventure: The Space Program

Near Diablo. Scouting. Wind picking up. The hike, roughly seven miles, was complete. Washboard road ripping the van apart one click at a time. Heater running full blast. Last sun highlighting dust-filled gusts. One holiday over, one to go. It … Read More

Adventure: VanLife Episode Two

Enough about me. What about you? What do you think about me? Too much me here but simply continuing the great filmmaking experiment. Everything you see and hear was done in less than one day. Would I choose to work … Read More

Create: Everyday Expedition, Episode Two

Full disclosure. Not entirely happy with this but under the current life demand schedule it is what was possible. Now, this doesn’t mean I didn’t mishandle a few things. Creating work like this is often a balance between creating work … Read More

Adventure: The Scout

There is something to be said for having a look around. No goal, no objective, no mission or specific plan. “Hey, want to go hike Diablo Canyon?” “Sure.” What comes from a trip like this is the freedom to think … Read More

Adventure: Everyday Expedition, Episode One

This is a test. This is only a test, of the emergency broadcast system. So, I’ve had this idea for quite some time. “Everyday Expedition,” those excursions that people like you and I can pull off with a nine-to-five job. … Read More