Read: The Last Magazine

Okay, I’ll read anything that shines a light, however unflattering, into the darkness of the editorial world. Fiction, nonfiction etc. But I’m getting ahead of myself. If you faithfuls remember, a few short weeks ago I posted about another book … Read More

Read: The Sympathizer (Pulitzer for Fiction)

This is a great book but I can’t give it a full review. Let me explain. “The Sympathizer” won the Pulitzer for Fiction so literary folks far more intelligent than I have given this book by Viet Thanh Nguyen their … Read More

Read: The Operators

I’m fascinated by war, but I don’t dream about it nor do I think it’s a good thing. I’m interested in the guts of it, the truth of it no matter how damaging, and I’m truly f%$%$# intrigued by why … Read More

Read: Tracks

You probably know all about this little story, and so did I for the most part, but I still enjoyed reading this book. Robyn Davidson isn’t your typical human, so the idea of walking from Alice Springs to the Indian … Read More

Read: Heroes of the Frontier

Dave Eggers is quite the guy. Prolific author, nonprofit founder, magazine publisher, etc. If I wasn’t so bitterly jealous I would have linked out to all his endeavors, but just think of me NOT doing this as my little bit … Read More

Read: The Fool’s Progress

I’m sad that Edward Abbey is gone. I’d love to have this guy roaming the Earth and lending his perspective on things. Abbey was such a strange blend. He seemed to walk both sides of many situations, one of the … Read More

Read: The Great Fires

I don’t know ANYTHING about poetry. Nothing. Nada. However, at times it FEELS like maybe I write poetry. Not here on the website, only in my daily notebook. I never looked at it as poetry, just a stream on nonsense … Read More

Read: Warlock

Okay, so I’ve come to the conclusion that every single Western I’ve ever seen is based on this book. All of them. Even the ones that came out before this book. Warlock by Oakley Hall is a classic. Good guys, … Read More

Read: Thrive

I don’t read the Huffington Post. I never have. So I guess you could say I’m behind the Huffington Curve. It’s not that I have anything against the Post. I actually don’t know anything about it. I don’t read it … Read More

Read: Big Magic

I didn’t want to read this book, but I am truly glad I did. Elizabeth Gilbert gave us “Eat, Pray, Love” a book that sold somewhere around a trillion copies.(Approximately) Sometimes when an author has a success such as EPL … Read More

Read: High Tide In Tucson

This is a great book. Barbara Kingsolver, besides having a super sturdy name, is a beautiful writer. Women write about nature in a truthful, faithful and honest way that is simply different than how men do it. Kingsolver probably isn’t … Read More

Read: Silence

Okay, I’m going to keep this short so I can grossly stereotype the entire world. I will say there are people who would read this book and others who won’t. Just by looking at the title. So, if this sounds … Read More

Read: The Driver

I’ve never had a speeding ticket. I get excited by gas mileage. I don’t like speed. I’m buying a Subaru and not even getting the turbo option. So there was no real reason for me to read or like this … Read More

Read: Cannabis, A History

I know what you are thinking. “Man, this Milnor guy must be a total burner, stoner, head, Rasta.” Or maybe he goes by “Sir Smokesalot?” No. Nothing could be further from the truth, but with marijuana legalization in the news, … Read More

Read: Heart of Dankness

Recreational marijuana is legal now, at least in these parts. So, time to read up. I was never a pot smoker. In fact, never touched it until 1995 when I ventured to Guatemala to shoot, learn Spanish and explore the … Read More

Read: Fire on the Mountain

It’s a book about New Mexico! What more do I have to say? Ranching, the government, the military, land grabs and the landscape. This book will fire you up, especially if you know anyone who has lost their home, their … Read More

Read: The Responsible Company

This was my follow up read to the “other” Patagonia book I posted about last week. “The Responsible Company” focuses more on business specifics, philosophy and what they have learned by trying to run a company without causing unnecessary harm. … Read More

Read: The Journey Home

This Edward Abbey book fell in my hands at the right time. “The Journey Home,” is a book of essays from one of the most interesting nature writers I know. I would call Ed Abbey a reluctant writer but I’m … Read More