Read: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

This is a beautiful book. The author, Arundhati Roy, who happens to be a Booker Prize winner knows her way around the page. And she knows how to weave an elaborate tale filled with tiny, wonderful details. The location, various … Read More

Read: Texas by the Tail

This same author wrote “The Grifters,” and “The Getaway,” so had he NOT written this little novel he would still be “cool as s%$#.” So yes, might as well add this little gem to your collection. And if you haven’t … Read More

Read: The Overstory

One of the best books I’ve read in a long, long while. And yes, I just came out of the woods after two days of isolation, and yes, this book made me look at the surrounding trees in entirely new … Read More

Read: The Anthropology of Turquoise

Good grief, how did I miss Ellen Meloy? If you have ever read anything by Terry Tempest Williams or Gretal Ehrlich then run, don’t walk, to your local book hawker and BUY a copy of this book. You will want … Read More

Read: Washingon Black

One of the best books of the year, by far. Not entirely sure when this book came out but regardless, a wonderful read. This book hits you hard early on as the author reminds you of the savagery of slavery. … Read More

Read: Path of the Puma

Loved it. Both hopeful and crushing. At the root of all animal issues lies the one species who never seems to get it right. Humans. Two years ago I rode around a ranch property with the owner. We talked about … Read More

Read: The Imagination Warriors

This is the first juvenile fiction I’ve read during my adult life. But when a friend writes a book you read it, regardless of topic, genre or anything else. But here is the funny part. I really enjoyed this book. … Read More

Read: Ready Player One

How on Earth did I miss this book? I know there will be many of you who say “You idiot, you’re 51, this book is about YOUR life!” My middle school years to be exact and when I say “exact,” … Read More

Read: Yellow Dirt

Humans LOVE their revisionist history. We see and hear evidence of this on a daily basis. But I want to focus on ONE place and ONE time. But before I do I want to address an important point about books … Read More

Read: Acid West

Who doesn’t love a book about New Mexico, ANY book about New Mexico? This is by far the best state, regardless if half of America doesn’t know we are actually a part of the US, and maybe NOT being part … Read More

Read: Pieces of the Frame

Did I mention I like John McPhee? I mean I like him like him. I do. And any book that ends with a chapter about New Mexico is going to find a cozy home on my bookshelf. McPhee does it … Read More

Read: Control of Nature

My advice is simple. Find John McPhee, read John McPhee. You have dozens of books to choose from and I have yet to find a bad one. McPhee, simply put, is one of my favorite authors. The book note right … Read More

Read: Never Surrender

Loved this book. A novel about Churchill. I just remembered something. I went to Winston Churchill High School and I managed to survive all four years and not learn a single thing about the man. Yeah! Public school! But hey, … Read More

Read: 1Q84

You know how I feel about Murakami. Well, he did it to me again. Murakami, and his style, hook me in each and every time. Things always start off so innocently. A woman in a taxi on an expressway. A … Read More

Read: World Without Mind

I know, I know, “World Without Mind,” kinda being played out in real-time here in the United States. Probably no need to write a book about it, but thankfully Franklin Foer took the time to do so. I love reading … Read More

Read: American Warlord

I blame my parents. “Why are you reading a book about West Africa,” someone asked with a snotty little look on their face. “Just curious,” I answered. Where did this curiosity come from? Parental units at a very, very early … Read More

Read: The Education of an Idealist

I love books like this. Honest, at times ugly, political history style memoirs that reveal details that were not public information during the time they went down. It doesn’t matter your political slant. Our political system is flawed, fundamentally flawed, … Read More

Read: Team Human

Just know going into a Rushkoff book you are going to need a lot of paper for the subsequent note-taking you will find yourself driven to do. “Team Human,” was the right book at the right time, at least for … Read More