Read: The Kingdom of Speech

I love this stuff. Language, speech, still an enigma to some degree even after our wandering this rock for as long as we have. Tom Wolfe takes a crack of the beauty of this aspect with this “The Kingdom of … Read More

Read: The Fifth Risk

This is an odd book but I love Michael Lewis and read everything he publishes. The Big Short, Moneyball, The Blindside and one of my personal favorites Flash Boys are among the must-reads. You might as well add The Fifth … Read More

Read: Into the Planet

Go ahead and add cave diving to the long list of adventures I will never undertake. Just reading this made my palms sweat in the most uncomfortable of ways. When you realize we know more about outer space than the … Read More

Read: Mosquito

There was so much buzz about this book. Get it? Okay, I’ll stop. I did not read all of this book but not because I didn’t want to. I had to return it before I left on a trip. This … Read More

Read: Classic Krakauer

I read this book in less than two hours. And I’m glad I did. For those of you who don’t know Jon Krakauer just remember “Into the Wild” and “Into Thin Air,” which are two of his most popular reads. … Read More

Read: Sand and Blood

If you have never been to the border then this book could be a must-read. I made my first trip to “La Frontera,” in 1990. I was clueless but wisened up fast as I found the border to be incredibly … Read More

Read: Crisis in the Red Zone

Hey, nothing cheers me up more than a read about the Ebola outbreak of 2013-2014. Yikes. And oh by the way, there is another, ongoing outbreak as we speak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With my luck and … Read More

Read: The Way Home

Great book. So very readable. Some authors are just effortless to read and Mr. Boyle is one of these people. “The Way Home,” is about Boyle’s year plus of living without any of the conveniences of the modern world. No … Read More

Read: How To Change Your Mind

Get it, read it. I normally save this advice for the end but in case I lose you in the next few paragraphs I wanted to make sure you understood my position. This book came on reference from multiple friends … Read More

Read: Conscious

Did this book remind me I’m a total dumbass? Sure. It didn’t take much to remind me but I truly am a dumbass. “Conscious,” by Annaka Harris makes you read and reread passages because what you are having to ponder … Read More

Read: The Mountain That Eats Men

Bolivia is one of those countries Americans seem to know nothing about. When asked about poverty in this hemisphere, countries like Haiti seem to always land on the radar but Bolivia hides away in their Andean world lost to all … Read More

Read: The Girl Who Lived Twice

Guilty pleasure. In my opinion, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (American Version) was one of the best films of the last decade and the Lisbeth Salander character was one of the best female roles of the same era. The … Read More

Read: This Land

Okay, if you want to add a book about the West to your reading quiver then look no further than “This Land,” by Christopher Ketchum. If you are living under the misguided idea that our land, your land, is being … Read More

Read: Shadowlands

So during the time I read this book, I questioned friends and strangers about this story. “Hey, remember when those guys took over the wildlife refuge in Oregon?” Not a single person knew this story. So incredible in so many … Read More

Read: Down From the Mountain

Last night my wife and I watched City Slickers, a film from the very early 1990s which was a commercial success here in the United States.(I had just driven 700 miles in 50mph wind and was semi-delirious.) For most people, … Read More

Read: Chasing the Moon

Okay, why not add the history of the space program to the long list of subjects I know nothing about. Well, next to nothing. Earth, turns out, has a moon. To coin a Donny Dipshit phrase, “Not many people know … Read More

Read: Industries of the Future

In 1999 I left my quiet, safe, easy, full-time position with Kodak Professional, including my company car and all my insurance benefits, for the simple reason I wanted to be a photographer again. At least I thought I did. In … Read More

Read: The Sun is a Compass

This book was effortless, and anyone interested in adventure books should read this. Or, if you are a birder. If you haven’t been to Alaska it’s difficult to explain. Considered “The Last Frontier,” although if I had to describe the … Read More