Read: The Botany of Desire

I’m probably the only one who hasn’t read this book. Michael Pollan’s “The Botany of Desire” is the most well worn library book I’ve ever read. It’s wasted. But it still works. I’m not sure where to start on this … Read More

Read: On the Rez

If you haven’t read Ian Frazier’s “Great Plains” then take the time to do so. My second dance with Frazier came in the form of “On the Rez,” a book that drove me crazy in all the right ways. First … Read More

Read: American Ghost

What’s not to like? Family history, New Mexico, and yes, a ghost. Several actually. And ghost hunters, trackers, talkers, etc. This book hits home for me as the history of the story is very much tied to the state of … Read More

Read: Never Cry Wolf

For all I know I’ve already written about this book. I’ve read it at least a dozen times. Just being able to say “Farley Mowat” is enough reason to pick this baby up. The guy is a legend. Naturalist. You … Read More

Read: Claiming Ground

One of my all time favorite books is “The Solace of Open Spaces,” by Gretel Ehrlich. The book is about ranching in Wyoming in the 1970’s. This hits home for me because my father bought land in Wyoming at the … Read More

Read: The Ancient Minstrel

Yes, another Harrison book. These books read like an old pair of jeans. So comfortable. Remember, I grew up fishing, bird-hunting and exploring the wilds of the world, so the “regional” writer Harrison writes about things I know all too … Read More

Read: Waking Up

You have to pay attention. Yes, Sam Harris’s book “Waking Up, a Guide to Spirituality without Religion” is a book you must pay attention to. This topic is a hot one. One I find both alluring and somewhat elusive. This … Read More

Read: The Age of Consequences

Courtney White brings us another gem with “The Age of Consequences,” which is about the critical juncture our culture and planet find themselves. For some reason it was especially poignant to read this during the time that Apple launched their … Read More

Read: Grass, Soil, Hope

Having spent part of my life on a ranch in Wyoming I find myself being drawn back into the IDEA of that existence. Whether or not I will ever go near that life again is another matter, but I have … Read More

Read: In the Wake of the Plague

Turns out the plague was a real drag. Plague with a dose of Anthrax for good measure. Sounds rough, and it didn’t discriminate. If you were there, wrong place, wrong time, wrong rats and fleas, you were a goner. This … Read More

Read: Hoodwinked

Well, here’s the problem. You could read this book. You probably should read this book. But then you are faced with being in the exact situation as me. Wondering to yourself, “Now what?” “What can I do?” John Perkins is … Read More

Read: The Killer Angels

I think I’m the only one who didn’t know about this book. Add it to the list of what eludes me. It’s good. Look up the definition of suspense and you might find this book. Even though you KNOW what … Read More

Read: The Secret Knowledge of Water

There is a lot more going on in the desert than you know. Craig Childs, once again, delivers what’s really going on and more in “The Secret Knowledge of Water,” an eloquently detailed book about things that border on the … Read More

Read: Barbarian Days

Buy this book. Get the paper version. Okay, if you have ZERO interest in surfing, I mean ZERO, then don’t buy it, but if you have ever had fun in two-foot shorebreak slop then this book is for you. If … Read More

Read: Cambodia Noir

Okay, what if I told you there was a novel about a photojournalist working in Cambodia 2003. How many of you would rush out and read it? I’m guessing more than few. In 1996 I took my second international trip … Read More

Read: Everyday Matters

A tough situation. A family doing well. Then, a major accident and all lives change. Danny Gregory teaches himself to draw and allows the pen, brush and color to help reveal the world around him. A memoir with several twists. … Read More

Read: The Panama Papers

During the time I read this book I asked everyone I came in contact with how they felt about “The Panama Papers.” A grand total of ONE person knew what I was talking about. ONE. I guess I’m strange. I … Read More

Read: A Meal in Winter

138 pages. That’s it. One small day in one small moment in time. Men. Alone in war. Then not alone but compromised in a variety of ways. Emotion. Bitter cold. Conflict. This book blew me away with a simmering quiet. … Read More