BikeLife: Episode 010

A bit different here but I needed your help and also wanted to share about a few recent upgrades, changes that have made my cycling life a lot better. First, I’ve got to figure out my recovery post-ride. What I should do is go to a nutritionist for the first time in life but in the short term I will figure out a better way to respond to hard exertion. Also, my tire upgrade has been a lot of fun and something that also changed where and how I ride. My goal for the future is gravel, gravel, gravel so these are a good fit. Finally, my new kit from Voler. Yes, I finally upgraded from my rotted bib to another, newer bib with accompanying layers that have made me finally realize I’m prepared for four seasons.

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  1. for post ride recovery, you need carbs and protein. you can make something up yourself but the easiest i’ve found is a drink mix. as you know, i’m a hammer fan so, i use the vegan version of the recoverite mix.

    chocolate tastes the best. orange vanilla comes in second. two scoops in a glass of water. within 45 min, i try to eat something usually fruit, cheese and yogurt. if i’m headed out for a mtb ride or a hike/snowshoe, i’ll put some mix in an extra water bottle for the drive home.

    i also keep a pile of their vegan protein bars in the cupboard.

    1. Sean,
      I’m going to get the barbeque ribs flavor with chunks of real buffalo. Yes, this looks perfect. I will add this to the list. Age is a peculiar thing. And then we are dead.

  2. CBD, yes…there is a pick your own hemp farm ten minutes from my house…pick it, dry it, cure it…vape, coconut butter, syrup for tea…good for what ails ya…

    1. Chuck,
      I had 20:1 CBD paste that was the most incredible stuff I’ve ever had. Then the dispensary went away and with it this paste. Never been able to find it again.

  3. Ok. To paraphrase the great opening remarks on many of your videos I’m one person, who never had Lyme, was never nearly as aggressive a biker, and has nearly 2 decades on you… BUT…

    My thought is that you don’t have enough carbs or hydration in your system before you even get on your bike.

    For me (emphasis on the “For me”) what I learned is that if I didn’t have a bunch of carbs, water and some electrolytes before the ride there was nothing I could do to catch up during the ride. I was at a severe deficit. So when I would get home and “think” I was in the clear I would have some water, a power bar or two and think I would be OK there was a short time when I was OK then… crash. I could barely keep my eyes open and all I wanted to do was fall asleep. I would sleep for an hour or more and wake with the muddled head you described.

    Even when I tried the energy gels and high electrolyte drinks during a ride I would still go down afterwards because I couldn’t get ahead of the deficit I had before the ride started.

    So my suggestion is this: Have a large bottle of something with electrolytes and a good portion of long carbs (not instant energy stuff; you’ll burn through it too fast) before your ride. Complete intake about 30 minutes before your ride to allow digestion to get fully underway and see if that helps.

    Hope it does…

    1. Jon,
      That is a GREAT point. I’m probably not doing enough before. I do bulletproof coffee, then sometimes a small…something. I hear stories of riders carbing up three hours before a ride but I’m riding at sunrise most of the year and eating a lot before isnt’ doable really.

  4. I was sat on the trainer drinking Skratch Labs as I watched that. I agree with Jon & Sean. Carbs before you start (unless it’s early morning), protein, and electrolytes as much as possible. I used to stick to plain water in winter but I’ve now switched to having electrolytes no matter what and it definitely helps recovery.

    Tyres – I use 38mm Vittoria Terano Dry on my Ti Curve.. Love’em. Not too fat, not too skinny, and they come in 3 different versions depending on what kind of gravel you ride.

    Yep, cycling clothes – get the best you can afford. Generally bibs under $100 are a waste of time. I have a few jerseys that are about 8 years old now and are still going strong. But 5 years out of one pair is probably a bit much! I might be in the minority but I wouldn’t want to see your semi-naked ass while out riding.

    1. Sean,
      No, my white ass would be garish. And might take you off your game. Gravel tires now are so great, and so many options. I’m just happy more people are on bikes and digging the dirt. My guess is I’ll go back to my 40s sometime in the spring. Maybe.

  5. Hi Dan,
    You need to fuel your workouts. Fuel before, during and after your ride. I use Tailwind during and it works for me but you’ll have to see what works for you. 8 bottles with 200 calories each of Tailwind is all I used at DK100 a couple years ago and I survived. I’ll also use Tailwind Recovery. When it’s really hot I’ll rotate ScratchLabs Hydration. Remember you’re burning mostly carbs so don’t get too concerned with overloading on protein after the ride. Replace the hydration and carbs. Also, check out Dylan Johnson and Trainer Road on YouTube. Both are very informative.

    1. Vince,
      Great info, thank you. Man, I want to do the DK. I really do. I think I could do the 100 with some training. The 200 is probably beyond me. At least for now. I have seen some Dylan films and agree, he’s good.

  6. Dan:

    The wife and I just ordered bikes from Priority. We are new to this whole thing and had a couple of questions:

    1) Do you recommend any particular racks for the back of our Jeep so we can take our bikes places?
    2) Any particular floor pump you would recommend for the tires?


    1. Hey Paul,
      I’m jealous. Those bikes look like a lot of fun. As for Jeep rack, I don’t know that much anymore. I do, however, like racks that support the bikes from the bottom with each wheel being in a tray. They are stable. I had Thule but there are MANY options now. The Jeep, depending in the model has a spare tire on the back so you want to make sure it clears. Floor pump. Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Floor Pump This has been working for me.

      1. Thanks Dan! The wife and I are pretty excited about it. Bikes are expected to ship at the end of this month. Now if the NJ weather will stop spewing freezing rain and snow, we might be able to ride soon.

        Thanks for the rack and pump recommendations. I’ll check them out.

  7. forgot to mention a few things.

    i’m a dawn patroller as well. have been forever. i can’t roll out of bed and onto a bike anymore. at a minimum, english muffin with butter and honey or a bagel (sometimes small bowl of cereal) before i leave. you need something to kick start your engine. for me, honey is great for that.

    if i’m heading out for a mtb ride or hike, i will take a banana and eat it when i get to the trailhead.

    on the bike, hammer gel packs. i take one per hour. on longer rides, 65+ miles, i will also take a stinger waffle to eat halfway through.

    you’re at altitude like me. hydrate. hydrate. hydrate. you should be drinking as much on cold weather rides as you do on a warm weather one. a bottle per hour. i can stretch that a bit but for longer rides, i will plan routes that will take me by water fountains or bike friendly cafes that don’t mind filling up a bottle.

    1. Sean,
      I love the waffles too. I get the gluten-free ones. I just need to increase everything. That is the one thing I’m taking away.

  8. If you want to save money.

    One Banana fand drink someof skimmed milk (0,1% fat), it gives gives 35 grams of protein per liter and is probably far more than you need.

    Most protein powders are produced from milk with the fat removed and you add water to get back to skimmed milk.

  9. Sorry – typos.

    If you want to save money.

    Eat one Banana and drink a few glasses of skimmed milk (0,1% fat). It gives gives 35 grams of protein per liter and is probably far more than you need.

    Most protein powders are produced from milk with the fat removed and you add water to get back to skimmed milk. Nobody needs protein powder.

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