Adventure: VanLife 5

Remember, the van is NOT the thing. The van is the THING that gets you to the THING. This series is a sketch of my life away from the computer. If this film looks and sounds disjointed then you will begin to understand a “typical” day for me. I don’t consider these films to be my “real” work but they will have to do until the time required to do my “real” work returns. I’m not actually sure it will but a guy can dream. Making these VanLife films is a relief for me, more than anything else, and are a small attempt at showing what my van travel is like. The places I go, things I see and observe. Nothing more.

8 Comments on “Adventure: VanLife 5”

  1. Your VanLife series is best thing i’ve seen in a while. Is that Estonian rap!? Also stellar photography. Greetings from Finland, keep striving. Godspeed.

    1. Hello Finland! Yes, Estonian rap. All the kids are doing it. And thank you. The Van has been a great addition. I just drove 2250 miles to eastern Long Island, and in a few weeks, I’ll be headed back. I think I’ll hit 20 states.

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