Adventure: Training

I’ll take all the help I can get.

My plan was to do fifty miles today but I didn’t sleep for sh%$ last night. Not sure why. Strange noises, two massive raccoons, strange dreams and the desire to be up by 5AM so I could get at least an hour of reading in. A new wrinkle is that I’m riding with my neighbor now. Now always but often. He’s new to cycling, and calls himself the “White Buffalo.” He’s 250 pounds and not fat. He’s like a middle linebacker on a bike. I’ve spent my life riding alone, so it’s nice to mix it up. The plan was ride with him then return to ride with my wife. When I got home she was gone. Not gone-gone, just at the gym. Yoga, wash truck, do laundry, edit a high school graduation for Super T.(You don’t know her.),pack…again. Get out there people. An easy spin is a good spin. The bike is a fantastic way to stay fit. Little impact, easy on the joints and you get to see, and smell and feel your environment.

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  1. Especially riding on SoCal roads with all the distracted drivers, you need all the divine intervention you can conjure up to make it home in one piece…

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