Adventure: Training

Back in the saddle again. About a hundred miles in the past three days, which is somewhat surprising. I didn’t ride for weeks. Not sure what I was doing. Travel mostly. And a broken toe. And I caught a knee at airport security when an old timer in front of me about went down. My knee hit this plastic divider. Hurt so bad I almost puked. Then had to sit on a plane for 4.5 hours. When I tried to stand up it was bad news. Doesn’t bode well for cycling, but I just went for it. It feels wonderful to be on a bike, as many of you know. The physical part is nice, but the mental gain from sitting and having NOTHING else to do but think is a truly epic experience. I had to dodge several Instagramers during these rides. One lady was IGing her dog and two and a half hours later she was in the same spot still taking photos of the same dog. My only question was “Holy shit, what battery do you have?” Lots of bewildered, lost-robot, phone zombies in the path over these miles. Like an obstacle course. I can’t wait for it to get so bad they taking each other out. I’m waiting for the day. Go pedal!

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  1. It’s surprising sometimes that taking a week or two off the bike helps the legs feel fresher. Plus it looks like you put in some good miles in March and April, which means your base condition is probably pretty good now. I hadn’t ridden myself for a few weeks until today, and my legs felt surprisingly good. The wife and I did about 30 (mostly flat miles) and could have easily done another 10 or so. We just got back from a few weeks up to Toronto to visit some ailing family, and we’re both burnt out from the emotional stress, bad food, long security lines and cramped economy class seats.

    I’ve been Type 1 diabetic for over 35 years, and an avid cyclist for most of that time. I’m convinced that the bike has helped me to avoid any serious complications in that time. Both mental and physical, it’s been a life-saver. Keep on riding.

    1. Jim,
      You are right. Take a week off and come back and you feel strong. Sorry about the diabetic life. Seems like you are doing well with it.

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