Adventure: Training

I want to use this post to speak out against injustice in the world. I can get salted chocolate Gu, and I can get chocolate mint Gu, BUT I CAN’T GET SALTED CHOC0LATE MINT GU. MOTHERF%$#$%. I can’t believe the nerve of some of these companies. Somehow I will find the courage to go on living. Here’s the thing. I’m getting fitter. Thirty miles, on the low and slow Salsa Fargo Ti, is something I can do without thinking. And I can keep my heart rate and pace at a good level for the entire time. And I’m not wasted when I’m done. I actually feel better than when I started. No race to the sofa to face plant myself into a two-hour, coma-like nap after. Nope. I get back to work. Windy today. Two cell-zombies I had to dodge. Two sets of loose dogs. Oh, I forgot to mention a woman in red Volvo tried to run over me on purpose the other day. Not on this ride, but it happened. And she was TRYING to hit/kill me. Young woman. It was strange. But, she missed. Hahahahhaha, sucker! Try again.(Please don’t.)

If you fell off the back of my bike you would have this same view.

4 Comments on “Adventure: Training”

  1. Please, no leg porn! Good to hear that you are feeling well. My bike is out of winter storage next week!

  2. Whoa….there is a line which after you go past is called TMI….and you my friend have clearly crossed it. Glad you survived the Volvo attack but let’s exercise a little self control and not include your readers in your visual celebration eh?



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