Adventure: The Space Program

Near Diablo. Scouting. Wind picking up. The hike, roughly seven miles, was complete. Washboard road ripping the van apart one click at a time. Heater running full blast. Last sun highlighting dust-filled gusts. One holiday over, one to go. It can’t end soon enough.

What is the purpose of all this I ask myself, again and again, searching for truth in a world built to hide? The app tells me coms are spotty. Just to push the window I max the range of the drone. Maybe a little near drone death will heighten the experience.

Overseas the new variant, clearly here as well, explodes while Brits flee from ski resorts under the cover of darkness. Don’t fault them. Bond would have done the same thing. Bond was and is a super spreader.

It is easy to look past these last few days but the key is making them count even if that means doing less. These last few days are like a catapult launching a warbird from the deck of a carrier. Little things matter more in these last few moments before the pressure of the next year begins to build.

Take advantage.

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  1. Yeah, pressure. My wife’s uncle is in the hospital in Syracuse, a Trumpster, didn’t believe the virus was real, symptoms since the 18th, no sense of smell or taste, then a cough. Visited his daughter and family with symptoms, had six friends over to their house with symptoms. This morning coughing so hard he couldn’t keep food down, too weak to dress himself. In an ER waiting and hoping for a bed, pneumonia in one lung so far. It’s just a hoax.

      1. Yeah, the inconvenient truth of science. He’s living in that right now, still no hospital beds available, getting treated in the ER, symptoms some better.

        1. Chuck,
          That is rough. Talked to friends last night who have a friend who did the same thing. And then got on a plane, knowing they were sick.

          1. Daniel,
            That’s borderline sociopathic. Wife’s uncle is lucky to have gotten sick when he did, the treatment regime is way more sophisticated than it was in the early Spring. He’s had the cocktail and in the process of three rounds of plasma and doing much better. May be actually coming home by the end of the weekend, and probably bragging that he got the same treatment Trump did.

          2. Chuck,
            Wow. To your point, we are getting better at treating this damn thing. There is always an upside.

  2. How far of a range does the drone have, my luck if I had one I would crash in no time.
    Wash board roads are fun on the Scrambler, just give it gas and hold on, better than sex.
    Well riding the Triumph I have to admit is always better. I ride for hours and go into a zen
    and peaceful thoughts, but alas the bike is in storage for the winter. Doing a photo project,
    Photo of the Day, started August, most of the pictures suck, the other just a little better than suck.

    WE have the new strain in Canada, great the anti maskers saying it is all false, I have a hard time stopping
    myself from throat punching these idiots.

    I hope your wife’s uncle gets better, thinking good thoughts in his direction.

    1. Thanks Rick, he’s 80, but in pretty good health otherwise, so we are hoping for a positive outcome.

  3. Hi Dan, great overview. Heading for Iceland? Someone mentioned Iceland is the drone Walhalla. BIG smile.
    Depending on how much snow and ice will be forecasted today we will be heading the van east into the hills or west to the seaside. Testing it to the limits in winter conditions. Hope I can keep the solar panel free of snow as it is our power source to keep the heating running.
    Y2020 was 3/4 ruined, Y2021 hopefully only 1/2 until we get vacs in summertime.
    Best wishes and keep warm.

  4. I’m not sure that the pressure has ever eased. Here in Scotland, we were essentially locked down again on Boxing Day. The restrictions may or may not be eased on 15th Jan. All plans out the window, again. Who plans these days anyway? Just gotta keep on keeping on….

  5. Hunkered down in my apartment for days now. Getting everything delivered. Stocking up on essentials in event supply chain goes pear shaped. Outside is sooo over rated.

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