Adventure: The Scout

There is something to be said for having a look around. No goal, no objective, no mission or specific plan. “Hey, want to go hike Diablo Canyon?” “Sure.”

What comes from a trip like this is the freedom to think and freedom to see. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Regardless, these mini, cordless missions are critical for me. The thinking part alone is in such short supply, at least in my life. I just filled out a Google Doc, and did emails, and had multiple text streams going as I was attempting to complete a time card and equipment purchase. This isn’t good, or sustainable. But we tell ourselves it is.

Until we go. And suddenly, when reduced to one foot in front of the other, breath in breath out, water sip, water sip. We know where our baseline lives. Out there. A rebalancing. The more you rebalance the higher the reward but the higher the degree of difficulty. There is always a reason NOT to go.

Six miles on this day. Looking for arrowheads, dipping our toes in the Rio Grande and admiring the fact we had nowhere else to be, nothing else to do and no additional characters to assume. The light arcing over the massive chiseled faces, sand in our shoes and the promise of a bone jarring ride home.

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  1. Wow this must be brandnew! Very much to the point and more so for me, as I have failed to do exactly that today – give myself the freedom to think and to see.. Thanks for the arrowhead-reminder! Tommorrow, I go!

  2. Envy. Due to Covid 19, new restrictions have been introduced in my country. It is not known what is closed, where to go. The weather doesn’t spoil us either. Autumn is in full swing, it’s been raining for a few days and it’s cold. I miss normality and hiking at wild intervals.

    1. Mac,
      We are heading toward a lockdown as well. Fall/winter is going to be bad. We have our first real snow on Monday…

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