Adventure: Santa Fe Hikes

I actually did this climb several times over the past week. Close to town, steep, good trail, great views. I’ve run this before as well, but now that I’m old and sick like the soon-to-be-eaten wildabeast stumbling near the edge of the river I taken to keeping to a brisk walk only. I also did a few other hikes this week. Up high in the snow. Down low real slow. Just being outside here is worth the price of admission. Just staring at the sky is worth doing.

We are experiencing the time when the sky doesn’t know if it’s still winter or if it wants to relax and let spring flow in. Angry one moment and alarmingly warm the next. I’m not sure why the GPS shows a straight line because this baby has more curves than Le Mans. If you haven’t done so, get outside. It’s where the real world lives. Many more adventures planned for this summer. How many I will actually get done…not sure. I realize now I will NEVER be caught up, ahead, able to relax or able to smell the damn flowers.

PS: My next post is a complete breakdown of the gear I carried on the hike. Shoes, shorts, shirt, jacket, bag, gel shots, knife, lighter, emergency blanket, camera, lip balm, wallet, keychain, socks, underwear, hat, sun sleeves, sunglasses, razor, journal, pens, taser, bear spray, grenades, 120mm mortar, perimeter laser defense system, GPS tracking gun for guiding laser guided missiles, HK MP5 machine pistol. I’m all about going light and natural so I can really experience nature in its purest form.

And no, I did NOT use Photoshop on the photographs. My legs are really that huge and muscular.

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  1. Don’t you just hate it when an old man comes running past you with a cheery “Morning!” and then rapidly ascends while you wheeze? Or are you that old man? Nice legs Daniel, I have hair on the inside of my legs, bald on the outside. Really.

    1. Mike,
      This did happen on this hike but I also saw a huge pile of puke on the way down. No joke. REVENGE!

  2. No infared binoculars? And what about a bear bell? The weather here is constant wind, clouds and rain. Spring is finicky around these parts in the Midwest.

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