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It’s been a good few weeks, but limited none the less. We are doing our best to maintain a very manageable level of adventure while C19 continues to ravage the country. New Mexico cases are on the rise, as they are in much of rural America. My feeling, this is only the beginning. Things are going to get much worse before they get better.

So, this means we have tempered our outdoor expectations by quite some margin. Two long road trips canceled. Two major events canceled. Visits to family canceled. We are doing small, safe, and easily doable adventures, and you know what, it’s fine.

Thinking of the collective and not ourselves is the key. Little victories if you will. Swim, hike, ride, shoot, etc. (Cameras) This first photograph is from the top of Cerro Grande in Los Alamos. This is by no means a long hike. This is by no means a strenuous hike. If sharing numbers is your goal you should just skip this one. But, if enjoying life at 10,000 feet is your deal then by all means this hike is for you. Storms, birds, burn areas, and a grand view of the Valle Caldera. And a nice little picnic while on top.

Oh, going to replace my components soon. Shimano GRX

Riding has been solid as well. Typically, a little over one hundred miles per week, time permitting, work permitting. I need to get out for a good 60-70 miler but have just not had the time and this week isn’t looking like it will allow anything this long. No worries. (Yes, I wear a mask while cycling as do about 95% of all the riders I encounter. I say this as cyclists from other states where the virus is RAGING can’t seem to be bothered by wearing masks and are coming here and acting somewhat defiant.)

And finally. The adventure doesn’t need to be outside. I’ve always loved to bake. And I bake by feel not by recipe. I know this might sound like BS but it’s really not, at least to me. I look at the ingredients and I imagine what I could make. Then I just feel the right about this and I go. People ask me for recipes and I return to them a list of ingredients. Baking is simple, easy, and entirely worthwhile. By the way, these are gluten-free and vegan and still taste like something you want to eat. I use them as my power on long rides. Quick burning fuel. These are red chili, blueberry, banana walnut. I hope this post finds you in a safe place in a country with a plan.

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    1. Scott,
      Damn. Already gone. I gave some of these away and my wife and I chowed the remainder. My wife typically does not like baked goods but these powers these down faster than I can make them.

      1. And I see what you did there with the baking and your subtle quest for Canadian adoption. I’ve been dreaming of Scandinavia or Berlin for many years, but Canada would be most excellent, too. Interestingly, or maybe not, I’ve binged a bunch of German shows during the pandemic. They’ve all had subtle and not so subtle resurgent nationalism/nazi undercurrents. I wondered if the artists were picking up on something, but then I said naaa – you’re watching several shows made over a decade in a matter of weeks. But then I started seeing some really interesting articles about Germany’s concern over nationalists in the military.

        1. Scott,
          Yes. Germany has its hands full with nationalists. We are building to the same here as are many other countries in the world. I guess it’s about time for another “World War,” so the timing is perfect. And our stupidity level, at least here, is at all time high.

  1. You’re having a trickier time than us here in the UK, and compared to Europe, we’ve done badly. There is something oddly liberating about being restricted from doing just about anything. We find joy in the simple things that otherwise may have been overlooked.
    I’m not much of a baker, but like to cook savory food, and like you, i don’t follow recipes. Cooking is tangible, it’s painting with flavours and I prefer the Van Gogh style 🙂
    As our moron of a prime minister says: “stay alert, control the virus, save lives” until tomorrow when we’ll be told “go out,have fun, screw the virus”…….ho hum

  2. Everything you say applies here in North Carolina as well. The opening back up, even in a limited way, has engendered a huge false sense of security to go eat at restaurants and shop, it’s crazy. And the bikers in big packs around here with no masks, ever. It’s mystifying. Here it varies from county to county. Some places you see everyone out in public wearing masks and keeping distant, and you go to the next county over, usually more rural, and almost no masks in sight. We stay to the safer zones for food shopping and such. Yes, worse before it gets better.

    1. Chuck.
      1. Poor education (US in general.) 2. Internet misinformation. 3. Political radicalization. = doom.

  3. Hello,
    I have a question about riding a bike with camera. Do you use your Fuji on a bike? I am a road rider , but I am hiking too (would like to have gravel bike now but it is too late as I bought bike before gravel era). More likely it is easier to protect my camera from the dust and sweat (I sweat a lot) when I hike, but sometimes I am wondering if I could take some pictures on a bike. Now I use GoPro style camera, but I miss my Fuji. I am wondering if you even feel inspired to capture something on a bike trips than standard bike shots?

    1. For sure. I use both the Go Pro AND my Fuji, at least from time to time. I don’t have a great carry system so I use a small backpack. In the future I can see doing entire projects from the bike but I am so busy now I can’t see having any time for projects unless something changes.

  4. Jim’s yellow rice recipe
    1. cook up a couple of cups of spanish rice.
    The “Par Excellence” brand is pretty good and available in big box stores like BJ’s etc.
    2. Strain and rinse a can of black beans
    3. Saute onions, peppers and whatever else you have in the fridge like chicken breast cut up or fish.
    4. Mix the rice and the beans up with two eggs and once the saute is done throw it into saute pan.
    5. Mix well.
    I like to add salsa to this mix as well as cayenne pepper.
    bon apatite

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