Adventure: On the Fly

I know what you are thinking. “Milnor, where is all the 8k, “cinematic” streaming video of this little adventure?” Oh, just know it’s coming. It’s being color corrected in a secret lab near Sacramento. The bokeh is being copyrighted as we speak.

Let me tell you about the dry fly. I especially love doing this because many of the creative world people I know recoil at even the mention of hunting or fishing, all while saddling up to a buffet of store bought meats. No, it makes little sense. Even when catching and releasing fish I’m often met with nasty remarks and hostile views toward the pursuit, mostly by folks who have never been. I get it. This is the world we live in.

But let me tell you about the dry fly. There are other ways to fly fish but I rarely ever throw anything but the dry. The dry fly floats. You can see the fish engage, a streak of white or brown or rainbow-colored texture just below the surface. Angling from impossible angles at impossible speeds, the fly vanishing in a small whirlpool of instinct.

Fly fishing is an art form. The line, the tippet, the fly, the hatch, the wind, the water, the temperature, the species, and the intangibles of nature not to mention the skill of the person with the tackle. The best part, the locations at which you find yourself. Deep in the crags, away from the masses, void of the sounds of man. These places are rapidly disappearing. If you want to go, go now.

This was the lone trip of the past three months, and it was a day trip as all the New Mexico parks are still closed for overnight action. And rightly so, we are one state that has taken the pandemic seriously, and for this I am enternally grateful.

My mother taught me to fly fish when I was in elementary school. She is good. Time is catching up with her now but we still go once a year at the very least. Often when I’m fishing, once my strategy has been finalized, I drift mentally into the past. My father, my mother, Wyoming as a kid, trout ponds, streams, beaver dams and the smell of sage. I can’t think of anything better, anything more meaningful.

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