Adventure: New Mexico Training

I’m a cycling God. You should know this by now.

I’m lying. Average at best.

Today was fun because I was unprepared. Now, a temperature of 39 might be balmy to you but not to me. I had no gloves and that was the real rub. My hands were like stumps of rotting veal. Pounding them on the bars to attempt to find feeling but no luck. Remember, I’m starting at 39 then riding UP in elevation and then down into draws and small canyons which are a lot colder than 39. Having said that it was so nice to ride in a new season, and ride where there is less oxygen and less degrees. I had on every article of clothing I could find. Overalls, sweatpants, a monotard, a three piece business suit with one of those pocket snot rags, golfing shoes and one of those giant foam hats you get at the football game. I was still cold. But damnit I kept riding, and so should you.

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