Adventure: More Big Bend

Physically I’m back from West Texas but mentally I’m still dusty. I’m actually IN Texas again, but this time on the opposite side. Houston to be precise, a city that has REALLY shocked me in a good way. I’ve had little experience with this place, and only knew an old version combined with stereotype and stigma. I was wrong. The most diverse city in the country and one that is just plain happening. So much local action here, and bathed in Texas hospitality. Notice I didn’t say “perfect.” No such place I’ve yet found but Houston is on to something.

But I’ll be back in West Texas soon I fear. Just too much to see.

2 Comments on “Adventure: More Big Bend”

  1. Might have to give Houston another shot. Headed down there for a visit in a couple of weeks. Definitely will be heading out to West TX over the Christmas break… Already booked.

    1. Larry,
      Houston will take a while to get to know. It’s massive. Massive. You could put a dozen other major cities in Houston’s footprint….combined. Go to West Texas now because before you and I are gone it’s going to have people all over it.

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