Adventure: Message from Phil

Never met Phil Gaimon. Probably never will but he has a very important, and humorous message for cyclists. Phil is a former pro so you can actually put him in the “great” category when it comes to pushing pedals. He blew past good and avid many, many years ago. You don’t survive ten years in the Euro peloton without being a machine.

He also has a YouTube Channel. I don’t spend much time on the channel but not because I don’t enjoy it or him. I don’t spend much time on ANY YouTube channel because I am perpetually swamped and I would probably go down the rabbit hole of watching grandmas with machine guns.

As many of you know, cycling is seeing newfound fame here in the United States. Bikes shops are selling out, REI has seen massive sales increases and all the big box stores are watching their two-wheeled reserves dwindle. This is a good thing. But what does it mean for the newbie cyclist and what does this mean to the old guard? How do we keep it rolling?

Phil has advice and does so with the lowest production value you can imagine, which is another point I want to make. Production value means next to nothing when you have something to say. If you ride, keep riding. And if you are considering then just get it done. Go for it. Those of us who ride are here to help. Don’t be shy. We will learn you and we will ride along with.

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    1. Scott,
      That is what we need. Everyone TOGETHER. There are a lot of folks actively working AGAINST cycling infrastructure, so we need numbers.

  1. So great that this MAMIL (Middle aged man in lycra) as spreading this message. Bike riding is not just for exercise. Riding should just be part of your lifestyle – cycle in plain clothes! Use your bike daily for all your errands and trips and all of a sudden you are being good for yourself and the planet without even knowing it,

    1. Steve,
      And it saves money, which is my experience what piques the interest of many Americans. Even more so than pollution, etc.

  2. “Cycling is addictive. ..”
    Yep… Forced back into the saddle when the car went and died on me… 3 months later and the new car sits on the drive for half the week, and I’m in £££s for a new bike… Feels good…

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