Adventure: Los Alamos Highs and Lows

I like the Los Alamos area. Have since I was an assistant on a ten-day job inside the Los Alamos National Laboratory back in the mid-1990s. Less than an hour from Santa Fe and fewer people as well. I posted something about this hike already but I thought I would add something which is my take from an “actual” camera and not my mobile phone.

Still one of the most unpredictable creatures roaming the forrest. My wifey poo poo.

My standard rig when hiking is Fuji XT2 with SPEEDMASTER .95 50mm lens and my audio recorder.(I just love saying SPEEDMASTER) Heck, this is my standard rig for most everything but it also works well on a hike. Sure, I could lug my 50-140mm 2.8 but I’m way too lazy for that. Oh, and I always have my journal and most always have my FujiRoid, two items that go hand in hand. I am often gluing roids in my journal while I’m still on the hike.

Recent burn area. Or Sasquatch toothpick.

My wife offers endless entertainment. She is feisty. Really feisty. In fact, she is either asleep or feisty. Two speeds only. On this day she was not happy with me as the thunder hit moments after we left the van. She said she could read my face and knew I was unsettled about hiking a 10,000-foot peak during a summer monsoon. (not smart) The only problem I had with this was that I was wearing a buff and it was impossible to see my face. But just for argument’s sake, let’s throw logic out the window.

Summer in Northern New Mexico.

The hike was mild but there was a battle all the way up. We made it. I made a comment about her hair, the sun parted the clouds and the world was suddenly at peace. I find her endlessly entertaining, and after twenty-five years, still an enigma.

Looking over the Valles Caldera.

Afterward, we toured Los Alamos where we got caught in a massive hail storm. Such is life during the summer in the mountains. Storms off the Sea of Cortez come north and collide with cold fronts off the range and BOOM. High-order natural violence of the best kind.

Summit of Cerro Grande. (Easy hike)
Boom. Little bit of water falling from the sky. This is actually after it began letting up, believe it or not. Post hail that forced me to hide beyond a grocery store.

16 Comments on “Adventure: Los Alamos Highs and Lows”

  1. Well if you both are still married after 25 years you must be doing something right. But, don’t let that go to your head.

  2. Congrats on 25 years!
    I spend a lot of time near there, but mostly west of the Caldera. Haven’t done any of the higher trails but am looking forward to checking them out – thanks for the tip.

    1. Andy,
      This was a SUPER short hike but if you only have limited time it’s fun and the view is really solid.

  3. Looks like a wonderful hike. Do you hike with your blurb journal? That journal looks pretty big on video, but they say the camera adds five pounds.

    1. Mark,
      You will laugh. During the entire time I have used LR I have had exactly TWO presents. One black and white and one color. I simple select, apply, export and move on. So, very little processing.

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