Adventure: Falling Down

As Texas endures the great, white blight we here in New Mexico just shrug. Contrary to popular opinion it actually snows in New Mexico. Yes, we have pointy parts that fly free to the bottom of the clouds. And yes, officially, we are tucked in just ABOVE the Old Mexico border and remain to this day a part of the United States.

I look so fat. Snow adds forty pounds.

This was a sizable storm, even for us, but certainly not the biggest I’ve seen. Oh no, I’ve seen more and I’ve seen longer but it does appear as if these storms are less and less frequent. When I first started coming to New Mexico winter weather was something I planned for and around. But less so today when winter typically means cold temps but the days of massive and frequent snow seem to be tapering off. Not making a political statement here. I feel that the weather is bipartisan.

I could say the same for the places I haunted a child. Snow during summer was not uncommon and winter meant six months of full isolation due to continual snow levels far too high it allow for us to leave. Helicopter was the only way, and well, we didn’t have a whirlybird. Now, those same parts rarely get snow, at least enough to make change of plans a reality.

But while it’s here I enjoy it. I get it on me. I don’t stay inside I venture out. I hike or snowshoe until sweaty. I build fires and sit outside, long enough to chill myself no matter how many layers. This is nature and it’s our job to experience, enjoy and endure. Just avoid the yellow stuff.

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  1. Things are definitely changing! When I was a kid NJ used to get several large snow storms every winter with upwards of 12 inches of white stuff. This year we have snow for the first time in two years!

  2. Grew up in the West Virginia Appalachian mountains where significant winter snows were commonplace. Where I am now in North Carolina, we are more likely to get ice than snow, which we have been dealing with the last couple of days in fact. I’ll take snow any day.

  3. @Paul: Echo that! Also from NJ and a 125 acre farm. 1800’s 2-family farmhouse 14 rooms!) and 4 doors to the outside. 2 facing north and 2 of facing south. Every other year or so one side of the farmhouse would have a 5+ foot drift against it and we’d have to use the doors on the opposite side. Never thought anything of it.

  4. I moved to NC to flee from the dreaded white stuff to rid my life of those who couldn’t drive in it. Pretty though aint it?

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