Adventure: Cruel Little Things

Oh, what we see when we encounter nature. Little windows into the harshness of the wild. The food chain, the dashed hopes of the concerned. I was tipped off to this little episode by the frantic sounds of a songbird. Normally sweet. But this day was pure panic. A parent watching their life’s work go away.

From what I can see, I believe this to be a bull snake. Winding its way into a meal. A birdhouse, one of many strung along a rail line for as far as the eye can see. I approach, make the picture and the snake is alerted, tucking it’s end inside the box and spinning to face off with me. From the darkness the flicker of a tongue.

Have been around nature my entire life. Have seen life and death and life again, time and time again, but it never lessens the impact of watching such a move, such cruelty unless you are the snake. The silent slithers of something that cannot be undone.

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    1. Scott,
      I grew up in areas where they were prevalent so they are on my mind. We’ve had Coral snakes and Rattlesnakes in our house. Water Mocs are the ones that are truly evil. Saw a giant bullsnake yesterday.

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