Adventure: California Training

I didn’t intend to ride 61 miles. It just happened, in two stages. Thirty-seven with my neighbor and then twenty-four with the wifey. The first ride was great, felt strong, no issues. Second ride started great then I hit the wall. Not enough calories going in. I was down to one Gu pack, which I slammed then spent five miles licking the packaging for every single spot I could find. I would have licked a poisonous toad had I thought to bring one along. Anyone who has ever hit the wall of not enough calories knows what I’m talking about. Suddenly you get a little weak, then flighty and then all you can think about is food. On this day my obsession was with my smoothie followed by eggs formula. I was raving to myself for at least five miles. Dreaming about how good it was going to be when I got home. The Gu saved me. I finished strong, ate myself silly, packed, did some work and then spent one hour in the ocean. Read, movie, sleep. Done.

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  1. When I’m in the woods and I hit the wall couple times I always thought of a seared ahi burger and an amber red cold beer … Which is a nightmare because once that I make it back to the car I still have 45 mins to an hour till I can make it to the place that serves both things. I guess a bit of self-punishment is good for you, lol.

    1. EB,
      Amazing how powerful it becomes. All consuming. And then you realize the time……and it’s worse!

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