Adventure: Anza Borrego

The Tacoma in the middle for scale.

We finally got out.

The original plan was a three-truck caravan into the backcountry, but the first two trucks had to pull out. I’m not entirely equipped for backcountry solo excursions, in the desert that is, so we angled for another location, still a tiny bit remote but nothing too serious. The desert is experiencing the first breath of summer, so temperature and elevation were key.

Mr. No Shoulders on his way home from work.

For me personally, I just want to be out. The details aren’t that important. Quiet, space, archeology and adventure are all I’m looking for. Oh, and lack of people. We found a bit of it all. Hikes, snakes, space, quiet, pictographs and even a full moon dulled by a thin layer of cloud cover. Owls in the air at night. The occasional airplane, high and silent above, a reminder of jobs, houses and life at home.

Look closely. The Tacoma for scale again.
Nick in the ABQ asked about the FujiRoids, so here are a few from the trip. I don’t view these as anything other than journal fodder, which for me is actually fairly important.

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  1. Looks like you were in Blair Valley near the petroglyphs and the Marshal South cabin. Not much left of the cabin these days except a few rotting timbers and a bit of mud wall. So much to see in Anza Borrego. Font’s Point is a great place to get some sunrise or sunset shots out over the Borrego Badlands. Now’s the time to get myself back out there. Thanks for the reminder, Dan.

    1. Jim,
      You nailed it. Yes, yes and yes. The cabin, yes, even the pool is in disrepair. Anza is so close, easy and cool.

  2. Just moved into my apartment this past Eastern, so I’m still out of internet her home, so I haven’t had the chance to follow much the site.
    I see you moved from the instax mini to the wide. I use the same format too for my journal, well, I use both. The mini from the SP-1 printer and the wide with a Lomo Instant Wide. I never liked that the Fuji doesn’t allow me to not use the flash when i don’t want to. Seems than the Lomo gives me more creative freedom … But outdoors and depending how the sun hits (or not) the “meter” I get a lot of over exposed frames. It sucks, but for a travel journal it is a great format and quick to add images on it!
    Your Fujiroids reminded me of when i went to … How you called? … The hipster trail?. You know Salton Sea and Joshua Tree. Now i want to go and check the journal of that trip 🙂

    1. EB,
      I have both the mini and the wide. Happy with either. Just sketches to me, and visual reminders of written notes. So glad we have these things.

    1. Lorenzo,
      Suggest away. My only issue is time. I’m pretty booked up over next few weeks, but will be at Palm Springs Photo Festival.

      1. my schedule is clearly much more flexible than yours, I can go at a moments notice. if you ever decide to organize a “photo walk” in the desert I am in. similar to the one Kodak just did last night with Pete Halvorsen. Ciao

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